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May 22, 2009 12:10 PM

The Best New England Ice Cream Journey

I love ice cream and hot fudge sauce, and after receiving dozens of suggestions from friends and family on where to find the best in New England, I decided to find out myself. The following link shows the results of eating at 50 ice creameries in two back-to-back weekends.

To my knowledge, nobody has ever visited and rated 50 New England ice creameries, and certainly not in such a short period of time.

Interestingly, most homemade ice creameries used canned hot fudge sauce, which completely ruins the uniqueness of their product.

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  1. I think they should have only listed shops that make their own.

    1. you missed Cote's ice cream in Brunswick, Maine - the best homemade ice around

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      1. re: countrygirrrl

        It's hard to imagine visiting 50 places in two weekends but I'd love to see the rating continued for other places. VT and NH were barely touched.

      2. Thats a lot of ice cream in that amount of time. Whats odd to me is i notice you tried Richardsons brand ice cream at several places yet rated the same flavors differently. For instance you raved about the vanilla at Bedford farms yet when you tried it at Richardsons gave it lower ratings.

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        1. re: hargau

          Yes, that was odd to us as well. We sampled both on the same day and we were in disbelief how incredible the Bedford farms tasted. We unanimously agreed it was the best vanilla we *ever* tasted. I guess we will have to go back in a few weeks to see if it was an anomaly.

          1. re: hotel96

            I may be wrong, but I think Bedford Farms has retained some of their old recipes from when they made their own, and has Richardson's make those for them. I think Vanilla may be one of them.

        2. You missed some great places that were very close to other places on your list! Ready to try again next weekend?
          I'm glad that you gave Bedford Farms and Richardson's the same rating, since Bedford gets their ice cream from Richardson's.

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          1. re: jillso

            Please let me know what I missed. I have already added Benson's to my list, but I look forward to learning about others.

            1. re: hotel96

              Well, I'm not really an ice cream fanatic or anything.....but just off the top of my head..... :)

              Mrs & Me Route 1 Kittery
              Shaker Pond Route 4 Alfred (near Shaw's Ridge)
              Shain's of Maine Sanford
              Crabby Appleton's Route 109 Acton
              Sundaes at the Beach Route 1 Wells
              Len Libby's Route 1 Scarborough
              Deb's Route 9/ 27 Randolph (near Gardiner)
              John's Handmade Route 3 Liberty
              North Street Dairy Waterville and Smithfield

              New Hampshire:

              Blake's Manchester and Salem
              (their ice cream is also scooped at SCOOP DECK, Moody Maine)


              New England Microcreamery Haverhill
              Carter's Haverhill
              Cravings Wakefield
              Mad Maggie's North Andover
              Spruce Pond Creamery Franklin
              Hilliard's Canton and Easton
              Trombetta's Farm Marlborough
              Hodgie's Salisbury and Amesbury
              Maggie Sundae downtown Amesbury

              1. re: jillso

                Maine: Wells: The Scoop Deck -Hands down
                Also Browns near the Nubble Lighthouse in York Beach
                or Goldenrod's Home made

          2. Tubby's (Wayne, ME) really is great, but I think that you were a too negative about Gray's (Tiverton, RI).