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May 22, 2009 12:09 PM

Artisanal Cheeses

I am headed to the San Juan market this weekend and want to try some of the local cheeses I've heard are so good. I can't find much info....any recommendations? Also, does anybody know where I can buy some olive oil from Baja...I've heard a lot about it too? Thanks.


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  1. San Juan where? Mexico is a VERY big country and many names overlap in different areas. More info is needed to help you out

    1. Find the cheese section and taste. All the vendors are set up to (happily) give you a thin slice. My problem has always been that the artisanal cheeses have enough salt to stagger a mule - in the San Juan market and elsewhere in Mexico. I buy when I find one with tolerable salt levels.

      Gypsy, newintown2 is new in the DF.

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        Depends on the cheese.... yes lots of the Fresco cheeses are quite salty.... but the softer cheeses, goat cheeses, the Chiapas cheese with the butter center etc., are rarely that salty.

      2. Panela is not salty, most of the time similar to farmer´s cheese. If you haven´t try Mexican cheeses, look for Chiapas, it comes in a ball, it´s not cheap and it´s covered with wax, strong flavor, salty. Oaxaca is not that salty, similar to string cheese. Menonita and Chihuahua, they melt beautiful, good for quesadillas. There´s canasta, añejo, tipo manchego (the real manchego is in La Mancha, Spain) cotija, doblecrema, fresco. botanero enchilado.... If you find a "cremería" look also for jocoque and queso de cabra (ceniza, finas hierbas, chipotle, nuez). I like panela a lot, i buy 2 big ones, one for home and the other i usually eat it during the ride home, it´s so good and light.

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          Whan I bring cheese home from Mexico it is most often Oaxacan that I get at a super market; it is not the artisanal cheese you'll find in huge blocks out in the open. I've searched high and low from central Mexico down through the Andes and in the diary areas of the Amazon looking for less salty artisanal cheeses. I repeat, most have enough salt to stagger a mule.