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May 22, 2009 11:15 AM

where to buy shiner bock?

anyone know where i can get a case of it?

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  1. any major liquor or beer store in's a pretty popular beer these days.

    1. sorry i didn't northern virginia or dc? i don't mind doing a little hunting but i kinda need to pick it up on the fly today so a specific place woudl be good?

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      1. re: littlew1ng

        I've seen it before at the Total Wine in Springfield. But definitely call before you lug out there.

        Total Wine & More
        6801 Bland St, Springfield, VA

        1. re: theoneontheleft

          Rodmans has it in their Md stores so their DC location might as well.

      2. I bought a 6 pack at Schneider's on capital hill this weekend. It wasn't necessarily cheap there ($8) but they have it and it was on the way to the bbq I was going to.

        I'd think Teeter or maybe even Super Giant would have it. You'll be hard pressed finding it by the case though.

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        1. re: ad.mich

          Both Teeter and Shoppers Food Warehouse carry Shiner Bock.

        2. They have it at the barrel shaped liquor store on 14th. At least 6 packs...

          1. Try Rodman's or Chevy Chase Liquors. Both have excellent beer selections.