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May 22, 2009 10:26 AM

Rockstar Dogs?

Has anyone tried Rockstar Dogs at 801 n ashland ave?

it was one of the top rated on this reviewer's site, but I don't see it in a search on this forum.

Just wondering...


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  1. Rock Star Dogs is closed. As far as hot dogs chicago style goes, you can do a search to find some pretty heated debates over restaurants to try. (I think Gene and Jude's was mentioned in a few places).

    1. There's another Rockstar at 350 W Armitage Ave if you are interested.

      I had a dog at 801 N. Ashland. It was fine.

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      1. re: rubinow

        Not surprised it closed, it was baaaad. Unless of course you were really drunk then it was just bad, but good since you didn't care. All that cheezy cheddar they talk about is "cheeeze" food that comes out of a can and is pumped onto the dogs. It's gross. The Armitage one must survive on college students.

        1. re: jbontario

          What the pole dance = free hotdog didn't add to your experience?? I am shocked.

          1. re: jbontario

            The one on Armitage is changing to another hot dog place.