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May 22, 2009 10:21 AM

Wendy's menu pricing

I noticed today that Wendy's sells a large Iced Tea and the Chilli Chips & Cheese for the same price: $1.79.

Same price. Equal value?

Why would a cup of Iced Tea cost $1.79?......

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  1. Might it come with unlimited refills?

    1. Just like any beverage on a menu, there's a big markup on it. It helps subsidize the smaller markups on the food. Plus, as Public Offender mentioned, there are refills available so they have to take that into account when pricing.

      1. Been in the biz off and on for 35 years, beverages are pure profit. Counting in labor a 5 gal. batch of iced tea nets the store about 2500% profit. A cheap quart of bar whiskey at $3 a pop nets about 800%. Was in a high-end mexican joint the other day and the iced tea was $2.49! $$$$$$$$$

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          Thank you for the interesting replies.....