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May 22, 2009 10:04 AM


Where in Chicago can I get a good burek (preferably cheese, Yugoslavian-style)? I live in Wicker Park, so bonus points for places near there.

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  1. The only place I know of is a stretch from Wicker Park but it comes highly recommended :

    Deta's Cafe

    7555 N Ridge Rd
    Chicago, IL 60686

    (773) 973-1505

    1. I have seen them in the freezer at Andy's (market) on the east side of Kedzie in the block that runs south of Lawrence. Sorry it's a bit out of the way but the Brown Line (Kedzie) puts you within a block of it.

      1. The sell them at City Fresh Market, and some of the other Balkan Markets (like Devon) and delis (like Beograd). Of the places mentioned, I would rate Deta's #1, Beograd #2 and City Fresh a distant #3. None of these places are near Wicker Park.

        City Fresh Market
        3201 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL

        Devon Market
        1440 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL

        Beograd Meat Market
        2937 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL

        1. This will be a little out of the way for you but if you want the worlds best Burek, try the
          3 Brothers in Milwaukee. It is worth the trip. I picked my sign-in name to reflect my feelings. I live on the East Coast but sometimes travel to Milwaukee to eat.

          1. The only burek I've tasted in Chicago has come from Deta's. I like what I've had and with the exception of one out of a half-dozen times it's been baked to perfection. A recent sampling was overcooked. What I like most about Deta's is the home-like atmosphere/enviornment. Eating there is like eating in the dining room or kitchen of an old friend or family member. Soups are microwaved (from the fridge), though - and that's been a disappointment for me - though they're good tasting (but not quite "fresh"). Deta's is having a special NYE party/dinner tonight with lots of food and a 3-piece music group and if I didn't already have plans for the night I'd probably head there.