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May 22, 2009 09:48 AM

Need Good Cheap Eats In Chesapeake (Area)

Im from Manhattan, never been to Chesapeake Bay area. Told there was a lot of different towns to choose from and see, but how to choose. I am going with my wife and one year old son this Memorial Day weekend, just want good seafood without breaking the bank. Any sights to suggest and places to get good crab and cold beer would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The Chesapeake covers a lot of territory but....Georgtown- the Granary is on the water. Rock Hall- Waterman's on the water. Chestertown is a very pleasant town with several restaurants. On Saturdays they have a farmers' market on the town green til noon. We ate at Fish Whistle twice and had very good meals both times. It's on the Chester River. On Kent Island we go to Harris' Crab House, some folks go to Fisherman's. Pretty much have to go to St. Michaels. Crab Claw is on the water and while touristy, eating crabs, having a beer and watching the boats in the harbor is the classic pastime. The museum is fantastic. Go further to check out Tilghmans island, turn around through St. M again then take the ferry to Oxford. That will be the Eastern Shore nickel tour. If you have time Annapolis is a must.