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May 22, 2009 09:41 AM

Buster Holmes' red beans and rice recipe, could someone please post it.

I would love to see this recipe, and will make it ASAP when posted.

Many thanks,

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  1. The Buster Holmes Cookbook is extremely scarce (I don't own one but have tried to find it for a long time...) I'd advise posting on the New Orleans Board if you haven't already. Note:
    in Alice Let's Eat by Calvin Trillin, there's a description of Buster's recipe although it's vague...

      1. Back in my hippie days my friends and I would eat at Buster Holmes 2 or 3 times a week. The beans and rice were excellent, but we ate there mainly because it was cheap (around $0.50 a plate, with an extra charge if you wanted sausage). As good as they were, there was nothing special about them if you grew up in NO. I don't know what went into the cookbook, but the recipe bayoucook linked seems ok, but after cooking 2 hours, you should mash the beans slightly and cook another 30 minutes or so, stirring occasionally. The best thing about the Buster Holmes beans was the creamyness, and to get that you need to either mash them a bit or cook for many hours. And margarine? Not essential. Use lard or vegetable oil. Serve with overcooked smoked sausage (kielbasa from the supermarket will be fine). And if you like to add hot sauce, use the cheap stuff (Crystal) rather than Tabasco.

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          Using ham bone marrow would add to the creaminess...I remember Buster's sausages: they were pretty special in their funkiness!

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            If anybody still looks at this. I have a pre-production copy of Buster Holmes' cookbook (it has BAD mistakes in some of the recipes, especially cakes). Having eaten many a plate of Buster's red beans and rice, I sincerely doubt that the recipe in this cookbook has anything to to with what Buster served, other that it has beans in it. The best recipe I can recommend is the one in Richard and Rima Collins' book...that one rocks......

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              Richard and Rima Collin New Orleans Style Red Bean and Rice

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                Re: Richard and Rima Collin New Orleans Style Red Bean and Rice
                Where would one buy pickled pork in the northeast?

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                      I used to buy pickled pigs feet /hocks often from the main stream markets on Long Island . Smaller stores like Compare and Met Foods should carry pickled pork .

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                        Pickled pork is OPTIONAL, and I have never, ever used it or had beans that had it in them. A good ham bone or ham hocks is the essential item that you need, I wouldn't worry about the pickled pork. I know they say you can substitute salt pork, but it's too salty and doesn't add anything to the flavor but salt, so skip it, too. The sausage that goes with is important, too. Hillshire kielbasa is good and I imagine you can get it everywhere, andouille is everywhere these days, although I prefer the pork kind instead of the health conscious chicken variety, although it's not bad. If you want a pickle kinda flavor to your beans, use Trappey's pickled hot peppers in vinegar, it's a staple condiment in NOLA in diners, etc. You can re-use the container when the vinegar is gone, just boil some vinegar and pour it back into the bottle over the peppers and let it sit a couple 'o days, you're good to go again.

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                  Roger that on the hot sauce, don't use Tabasco. Crystal is good, but my favorite is Red Rooster, it is especially tasty over fried chicken!!!!! Also, I remember getting a pretty darn good plate of RB&R at the lunch counter at a department store on the edge of the Quarter back in the 70's....The only bad plate i ever got was recently, where they served a plate of Blue Runner beans straight outta the can....I could have done that myself. Something that is not bad at all is Kirby brand red beans with Creole seasoning. They have it in the Mexican section of markets here in SoCal. Just cook some rice, a sausage link, slice some green onions for topping, heat 'em up and make a plate. I think that's my dinner tonite, I'm lazy and hungry.