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May 22, 2009 09:23 AM

Get excited with me! Vetri and Reading Terminal Market

Hi, y'all! I live in Lancaster, so only get to come to Philly for special occassions.

I have talked my dear and generous husband into a Philly trip for my birthday (this coming Tuesday). We were lucky enough to get reservations to Vetri (Yay!!!) and will be staying at hotel VERY close to the Reading Terminal Market. Can anyone say breakfast???

Dream with me! What should I eat?? What are your favorites?

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  1. Happy upcoming birthday!

    I'm sure you will enjoy Vetri but how much you will enjoy breakfast at Reading Terminal depends very much if you are going on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. The reason for this is that the Amish section of the market (where the good breakfasts are to be found) are only open on Wednesday through Saturday.

    If you are lucky enough to be going on Wednesday, it's a no-brainer. A heaping stack of pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place. They also have to-die-for dumplings, and if you are still hungry, the next stall over (Beiler's) makes warm cinnamon buns on the premises and has other goodies. The cinnamon buns are good and even better when they are warm. The ones with the icing taste a bit weird to me, though. They also have very good strawberry cream filled donuts and apple fritters. Finally, Miller's Twist close by has wonderful hot soft pretzels that put the Wawa versions to shame. All of these options are not open on Tuesday...

    If you are going to the market on Tuesday, it will be slim pickings for a good breakfast. The Down Home Diner in the market is hit or miss (mostly the latter) and I have never had anything remotely good to eat there. A few other places have crepes, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries (like Mezze, LeBus and Metropolitan Bakery) and if given the choice I'd choose something that appeals to you from Metropolitan or a piece of crumb cake from LeBus and save room in your stomach for Vetri.

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    1. re: bluehensfan

      oooooh! I will be there on Wednesday! I have read about the Dutch Eating place - YUM! Thanks for the tip!

    2. Given that you're from Lancaster, my assumption is that the Amish vendors are not your prime reason for coming to Philly.

      I f you want to do breakfast at the Terminal I would second Metropolitan.

      However you might want to consider some of the other venues often referenced on this board for breakfast (Carmen's, Honeys, Morning Glory) and do lunch at the terminal (DeNic's Herschel's, Fourth Street Cookies)

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      1. re: brookquarry

        I have to second brook here. Sam's Morning Glory is AMAZING and a breakfast destination must!

        1. re: SSSUZY

          the only reason I can think of to go to Morning Glory prior to dining at Vetri would be to compare and contrast the worst, least friendly service in the city with the best (respectively).

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            Brook is right about Morning Glory being good. I still like the pancakes 100 times better at the Dutch Eating Place but Morning Glory has very good french toast (and... oddly ketchup). Unfortunately it's a bit of a walk from CC and can get crowded (but I'm sure you'd be fine on Wednesday).

            Still though, just because you're from Lancaster County, there's nothing inherently Amish about the pancakes.

            If you stay for lunch in the market, I'd second the tip about DiNic's for a roast pork and provolone sandwich with broccoli rabe and the pastrami at Hershels. And you can't go wrong with Fourth Street double chocolate chip cookies, the peanut butter chocolate pretzels from Muellers, or the rasbberry pound cake from Termini's.

            You may want to walk a few blocks to Capogiro (13th and Sansom) for great gelato.

        2. I like Ida Mae's Bruncherie on Norris Street and Frankford Avenue. IMO almost as good as Honey's or Sabrina's