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May 22, 2009 09:13 AM

Bachelor Weekend in Austin: Best Weekend Brunch?

Hi everyone... first time Chowhound poster here. I'm going to be in Austin one week from today for a bachelor party. None of us have spent much, if any, time in Austin previously (most of the party is from New York City), so we're largely unfamiliar with the restaurant scene and would love some suggestions on the best the city has to offer. We're particularly interested in weekend brunch suggestions, as we'll have three whole days (Thursday evening through Sunday evening) to kill.

There are a couple of vegetarians in the group, but everyone else eats meat and everyone is a serious foodie. Boozy is good — it is a bachelor party, after all — but the food quality is the main concern. Casual/young/fun is definitely preferred, and obviously large groups must be accommodated.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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  1. I would recommend Lambert's on 2nd Street. They do a Sunday brunch buffet that is excellent but the price also includes ordering some eggs and other dishes made to order. Their bloody marys are my favorite in the city. It's definitely a fun crowd and there is plenty to do in the area before/after brunch. South Congress Cafe would be my second pick. Both can accomodate a large group although South Congress Cafe may not take reservations.

    1. Lambert's would fit the bill...either for Sunday brunch or dinner any night. Not the world's best barbeque, but a good combo of quality food, sold cocktails and lively scene (especially at night) for a weekend of bachelor festivities. And it's still likely to be better than the NYC barbeque options (even after considering the recent explosion in available NYC bbq options).

      Mulberry would be a good choice for Saturday brunch...there are fewer brunch options that day, and its limited but good menu seems like it'd be a good fit.

      Uchi would be my pick for the foodiest destination in town. It deservedly gets lots of love here. Although you'll have to wait, their tiny bar is fun.

      Parkside would be another good dinner choice. The past couple of times Ive gone didn't wow me as much as it did on my first few visits. But it's one of the few places in Austin that takes its food seriously without any pretention. Places like it are a dime a dozen in NYC, though.

      1. Depending on the size of your party, Lambert's may not easily accomodate you. So definitely make reservations. Though it is a chain, Fago de Chao was a fun bachelor weekend and their salad bar, while expensive, is very vegetarian friendly.

        I do not recommend Mulbery for brunch. I say drive to Lockhart for some barbecue at Smitty's--very veggie unfriendly though.

        1. My pick would be Fonda San Miguel.

          Love the atmosphere: feels like an old Hacienda, beautfiful landscaping, even a parrot
          Love the mango margaritas
          There are so many choices on the table, I generally get one small spoon of everything and then am too stuffed to go back.

          I think the chef's name is Miguel Ravajo (sp?). He's got a cookbook out.

          This is the brunch I take good friends to when they come to town.

          IIRC, the crowd is mixed (not entirely young).

          www.fondasanmiguel.com for more info and pics, etc.

          1. Taverna also has a (boozy and young) Saturday brunch. It could accommodate your group, and has a few vegetarian friendly options (the pear and Gorgonzola pizza being my favorite). I'm not it's biggest fan, but plenty of people disagree with me, and even I'll admit it has one of the cooler scenes for brunch.