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May 22, 2009 09:02 AM

Mexican food tonight (Dallas)...

Looking for something along the lines of El Ranchito. However I don't want to drive way down there. Anything even close on the North or East side of Dallas up to Plano??? (I live in Richardson, so I am trying to stay close.)

P.S I am looking for the kind of place that makes it's own tortillas.

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  1. Aparicio's ( or Chito's on Legacy which has a much smaller, antijitos focused menu with a few entrees. Both make their own tortiallas, Aparicio's flour, Chito's corn (probably the flour too but the corn is too good to pass up). If "atmosphere" matter, then you probably prefer Aparicio's.

    1. Do yourself a big favor and go to Casa Milagro. It's in Richardson (Campbell @ Plano rd.) and you'll never wonder where to get great Mexican, as well as Tex-Mex, again. They seem to specialize in rellenos (11 kinds) but their menu is expansive and their mango margaritas are sinfull. And the atmosphere is nice. I never feel like I'm being waited on by Linda Ronstadt.