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Looking for a couple of suggestions near Pittsfield MA and New Lebanon NY

I went to School In New Lebanon and am retuning for my 20th reunion. I am lamenting the loss of Shuji's. Now that I am grown up and really like all types of Japanese food I could've finally appreciated it for what it was. The one time I went there in high school, all I ate was Tempura.

That said, I don't think I will be looking for japanese in the area, but my wife and I were looking for Breakfast on a Saturday and a Monday, Dinner Sunday night, plus something late night for Friday after I pick my wife up at Albany Airport Friday night @ 10 pm. Take out to meet her would be fine.

Also my motto is "to have something I cannot readily find in the vast expanse of LA"


- P.

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  1. Well, we all lament the loss of Shuji's. That said, I don't think there's any place in New Lebanon with that level of dining. There are some that like Mario's (which sort of stole The Pillars menu) but I'm not one. As to the people now running The Pillars--well, they try, but it is definitely not worth it.
    Don't think you'll find anything late night in either town--get something when you're in Albany.
    As to b'kfst: try Cafe Reva on Tyler St in Pittsfield; everyone loves it.
    For a more casual coffee/pastry, there's Dottie's Coffee Lounge on North St in Pittsfield. I'm not too impressed by their baking, but have to admit to being very fussy about wanting world class pastries. Again, folks seem to like it.
    For dinner, I'd suggest reading the chow boards on the Berkshires. West Stockbridge isn't too far--Rouge is great. If you're jonesing for Japanese, there's Fin in Lenox, but be warned that it's a very small restaurant with no reservations.
    Good eating!

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      Thank you for the Rouge recommendation I think that might do the trick for Sunday night though I hope they are open. Do they have a website? Google only pulls up third party spam sites.

      Thanks for all your help.

      Take Care

      - P.

      3 W Center Rd, West Stockbridge, MA 01266

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        Here's the website:
        I'm pretty sure they're open Sun night, and they're still good. We like to sit in the bar area, they have an interesting bar menu.

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          Off subject--but to the Tsarina. Trader Joe's in Hadley has burrata--2 4 oz balls for around $4 and I found it way better than the stuff Price Chopper carries. I know the real burrata nuts will inform us it's not the right thing if it's not made fresh, but what alternative do we have up here in the boonies?

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            Whee! Thanks, joyous. We won't be getting over that way till June 3rd, when I do my next one-to-one at the Apple Store in Holyoke. I'll call TJ ahead of time, otherwise we don't do the run up to Route 9. Any burrata is better than NO burrata!





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          The Dragon is closed. I can't agree that Jae's Spice is all that great , as it's proved rather inconsistent. Have only tried the food at the Brew Works a few times and find it of the mass produced, frozen & Cisco variety--not worth it at all.
          If I were headed to Pittsfield for a dinner, I'd trry Brix Wine bar, based on other chowhead recommendations.

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            I concur. If you like fresh fried frozen stuff then the Brew works is for you. If you want good food I would say Brix or Trattoria Rustica right around the corner. IMHO avoid Spice and all it's incarnations.

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              FYI - Brew Works went to a new menu late June and all of the menu items are fresh, local, delicious and many reipes are made with beer. Very good and worth another try.

          2. Joyous and Lenox are right on.
            Spice is a shell game, and you want to be more sure than that.
            BRIX is certainly our favorite in the area. Dragon would be our Best of Asian BUT ----
            We just passed by Sunday and it was still closed. Don't tell me it's closed forever, Joyous????????

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              Re: Dragon. The phone # has a "filled mailbox" and the restaurant removed it's "We'll reopen in April" sign quite a while ago, so I think it's history.
              A friend had spring rolls down at Railroad Street in GB last week and said they were "almost" the same, but not quite as good--and she's not too fussy. So I'm truly disappointed too. As a NYS resident, it was the closest good resto in the PItt!

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                We had the spring rolls at Railroad Street a couple of months ago. They were nowhere near the equivalent of the Dragon. Overfried and drippy with grease.
                Major bummer!
                As for you, have you tried Brix? Obviously not the same ethnic as the Dragon, but a really good place of its own kind, esp. if you like wine and French bistro food.

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                  I had the BEST veal chop there.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

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                    That's interesting. Any other recs? Looking Beyond Burgers ---

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                      Haven't tried Brix but looks like it will be the next dinner in Pittsfield. Am headed out to Mission Tapas this Thursday though.

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                        Good! Report, please.
                        (We'll be at FIN, but everybody already knows FIN.)

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                          Like FIN, I've been consistently pleased with Mission, having eaten there 6-8 times. Think I've tried everything I possibly like, though they do have daily specials.

            2. The Lenox Garage, formerly Barood's, great "Tex-Mex" done like a tapas bar. Good drinks as well.

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                I respectively have to really really disagree with this rec!
                Went there with the boss about 2 weeks ago and had high hopes.
                Chips with nacho dips (or something similarly named) came with a bright orange thin flavorless canned tasting cheese dip, canned tasting ice cold been dip with peppers chopped into it and good guac.
                Fish tacos was 1 overcooked not hot small portion of over -cooked fish in a cold tasteless flour tortilla with a few strands of cabbage and a drizzle of nondiscript white sauce.
                No salt and pepper brought outside when our food came, no hot sauces like the inside tables had, had to ask for silverware and napkins after our food came.
                Out of Negro modelo, out of Sangria (our first 2 choices)
                we gave up after the taco came.
                Maybe it was just a REALLY bad night.

              2. I forgot about BRIX WINE BAR..lovely place..and with "Citroen'' models !
                Is "FINS" the LOUD ,overly bright, good enventive sushi..but very high price$$$ ? Even with great food I haven't gone back.
                Heard that 'Trattorio Ruustico" was only O.K.
                IF YOU CAME ALL THE WAY DOWN TO G.B....TRY SOME OF THE REALY GREAT DINING SPOTS AROUND !! Go to the 'Chamber Info Booth' on Main St...they have all the MENUS to check out....

                1. So, is the consensus that there is nothing worthwhile near New Lebanon. My folks just move up around there, and I was hopeful the news wouldn't be so dim. Any suggestions on the New York side around there?

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                    That part of New york is a culinary wasteland since the restaurant at The Old Chatham Sheepherding Co. closed..... IMHO

                    1. re: Lenox637

                      j'agree--though i'd add the pillars( under the bock's) and the also closed shuji's.

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                      This is not exactly around the corner, but it is in New York State.
                      Last summer we had an excellent dinner at Local 111 in Philmont:
                      They have erratic hours, so I'd call as well as use the website, if you decide to go. It's set in a converted garage (!) cleverly redone, and the food when we went was imaginative, local, and delicious. Not too far from Chatham, actually, if you're willing to go that far. If you take a look at Rural Intelligence (a kind-of-local-ish blog) there are dining recommendations that include NY as well as MA (in fact, more NY than the latter).

                      1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                        L111 is very good, but when we went the service was uninformed. not just misinformed but didn't seem capable of thinking through basic requests... my wife wanted a bowl of the soup that evening for dinner. server could not understand what a bowl was... really odd. kept saying that they didn't have bowls... only cups... we discussed it, and said they literally had no bowls. when I pointed out a deep pasta dish that could serve as a bowl, she told me that wasn't a bowl. after way too many tries the chef came over and fixed things, but talk about frustrating.... my steak, served on a plate, was excellent.

                    3. Trattoria Rustica is marvelous

                      1. In New Lebanon Proper (I smile as I type that...)
                        Breakfast at the Hitching Post in New Lebanon, never had anything bad
                        Lunch at Shaker Mountain BBQ take-out only
                        Fresco's for brick-oven pizza would also be good

                        Not sure what you'll find at 10pm in Albany but there's a Thai place near the airport that the Tristate board claims is pretty good, search albany and it'll come up.

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                        1. re: timwhoeatsalot

                          I don't know about the other two places, but the breakfast at the Hitching Post is very good. Crowded at times, it's best to get there a little early.

                        2. In Pittsfield, I haven't tried the sushi at Jae Spice, but the flatbreads and some of the dishes like the liver, the spicy Korean pork, wood-roasted trout are all delicious. There appears to be a sort of backlash against it for some reason, but it is definitely worth a try and the atmosphere is outstanding. I agree that Brix is a good place also for its atmosphere and food, but the menu is limited. We just discovered Panchos which was a very nice surprise. Great tasting and authentic Mexican food. For great Vietnamese food we suggest Pho Saigon in Lee. It's like homemade Vietnamese food and delicious. Jonathan's in Lenox is also a nice place to eat.
                          For breakfast, Cafe Reva is outstanding.
                          Berkshiresnow has a breakfast page as well as some videos of restaurant visits to give you some ideas.

                          1. Thanks so much everyone... this is P.'s wife and he asked me to post about our dinner tonight as he is currently resting as he was the victim of the WORST thing that could happen to two a chowhound on vacation.... Bad Clams...

                            Locals need not worry as he picked up the bug before we even arrived in The Berkshires... and although I was fine, seeing him in agony didn't do much for my appetite either... So after three days, he finally felt brave enough to face a bowl of soup. We had hoped to go Kim's Dragon for some Pho but it was closed. :P So we looked up Rouge's menu and saw they offered several soups... and so we headed over!

                            P. ordered the two soups... The onion soup made with duck broth to start. It wasn't quite french onion soup (it came with no cheese or crouton) but still was very rich. The flavor was nice, not too sweet, very deep oniony flavor. However, even though they had these wonderful rustic bread slices on the table to accompany the soup, it still proved to be a too bit too much for P.'s tummy... so he only had half...

                            I started with a special endive and chanterelle salad. I am ADDICTED to endive and loved it in this salad. The dressing was a sweet vinaigrette with a HINT of Truffle oil, one of the best uses of truffle oil I've had in a while (most people over do it. :P). The only odd thing about the salad as that it was very busy and included Coconut shavings. it SO didn't need it and that was not disclosed in the description of the salad. I was the type who didn't like coconut... I'd be pretty annoyed...

                            For his main he ordered the Chicken Soup on the tapas menu. This was quite a bit lighter, but it had lots of veggies which made the whole thing a bit muddled in taste and the fried polenta. The polenta was his favorite thing of the evening. Very crisp, nice flavor and not too heavy. He ate most of the serving without much problems.

                            For my main I choose the Saucission and fingerling potatoes. Although a small tapas sized dish... they were not stingy with the sausage and the potatoes were roasted perfectly with great fresh herb seasoning. Even P. could not help but to steal a couple of potatoes.

                            I also ordered a cocktail, their Wild Apple with apple vodka, pomegranate juice and makers mark. Very potent and tasty!

                            Overall, we were very happy with our meal and service (P. had explained his tummy issues and the waiter always came by and asked if he was okay or if he needed anything) and even better right now, P. is resting comfortably and everything he ate seemed to agree with him *whew!!* We're flying back to L.A. tomorrow and hopefully he continues to be on the mend... as I'd hate to break our welcome back to L.A. tradition of a trip to a Taco truck... :)