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May 22, 2009 08:41 AM

Leonidas store w/ice cream in Leslieville - anyone been?

Riding the streetcar eastbound, I spotted a new Leonidas chocolaterie/ice creamery on a little side street north of Queen. It was just west of Jones, I think.

Just wondering if anyone's visited it yet; how it it? Does Leonidas make its own ice cream? I tend to think of it more as a chocolate maker, so am curious about the ice cream on offer.

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  1. I don't know about Leonidas - but Ed's Real Scoop makes their own small-batch at 920 Queen East in Leslieville... Had the chocolate macaroon last week - yum.

    1. I know that they import the chocolats,so I don't think they make the ice cream. I had a Pistachio gelato from there which I did not like at all! It tasted like cheap perfumey icecream. It was overly sweet and had a very fake flavour, I would definitely not go back!

      1. If it's anything like their chocolates I wouldn't go out of the way. I find their stuff overly sweet and kinda waxy. Very disappointing -- I recall buying their chocolates at Selfridges in London way back in the 90s and they were much better back then.

        1. I've tried the gelato at the Leonidas at the St Clair/Christie location and it was good. Not great but good. (I'm much more fond of their dark mochas--they are VERY good.)

          1. These are one of the best chocolates I have ever had. I first discovered them on a trip to the states and was overjoyed when I saw they had a location here in Toronto. I was not overly impressed with the gelato. But who care? I go for the chocolate. Not at all waxy. Whenever I need to bring a gift I bring their chocolates and have had friends email me after to say they were the nicest chocolates they have ever had.