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May 22, 2009 08:26 AM

Baguette Express

Just saw that a new kosher shop opened on w37th between 5th & 6th, anyone have any info on this place?

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  1. I haven't been there, but it is under the supervision of Rabbi Aaron Mehlman. Some other restos under Rabbi Mehlman's supervision: Noi Due, Caffe Mocias, Cafe 72 at the JCC. The place is fleischig rather than dairy.

    1. I was there about 2 weeks ago. Its a small sandwich shop for take out. There isn't really anywhere to eat. For Manhattan, the prices are affordable. Its an Israeli style sandwich place. They have a limited menu, but affordable. The kosher food business is a rough business and I hope that they make it.

      1. My grandfather recently got a sandwich from there and said it was delicious. They have cold cuts, schnitzel, salads, and falafel. It's a tiny place though, nowhere to sit and eat. My grandfather said the phone was ringing with takeout and delivery orders while he was there.

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            I think he said about $9 for a baguette with turkey. He said all toppings were included in the cost, and that he was only able to finish half.

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              I went there tonight after work. The boss was inside, and the counter worker was sitting out front. While I was there, someone came in for a menu. I had the sabich (Iraqi hard-boiled eggs, eggplants and sub fixings on a sub roll). It was pretty good for the price ($6.95). Schnitzel is $7.95, pastrami is $9.95, a combo (any two meats) is $12.50. Other choices for subs: salami, turkey, Mexican turkey, honey turkey, smoked turkey, turkey pastrami, tuna, egg salad and falafel.
              I am told that you can order a sub dressed the way you like it. This sabich was not as spicy as I had in Israel but they could probably make it spicy on request.

              Salads are $3.95. They have soups (vegetable, bean, pea and soup of the day), but I didn't try them. Soups are also $3.95. I didn't check out how big the containers were, so I can't tell you if that is a smaller than average or an average amount. They have a small selection of water, soda, Snapple and Nestea "sweet tea." Soda and water are $1.00, and Snapple is $1.50. They are open Mon through Thurs, 11 to 6, and Fridays 11 to two hours before sunset. They are at 25 W 37th (towards 6th Ave). They deliver, but I didn't ask how far. The number on the store card is 212-944-9800.

              1. re: Dovid

                I had a disappointing experience. Following the recommendation on kosher-ny, I had the schnitzel. The raw cutlets are stored in the soda fridge, which should have tipped me off. The cramped little shop was crowded and they were behind on orders. The result? My schnitzel arrived in the baguette seriously undercooked. The sandwich (which did have some nice additions such as grilled onions) was so soggy from too much techina that it took me a while to realize that the very chewy element was in fact the chicken. I try to avoid giving negative reviews but I would advise ordering one of the sliced turkey subs as an alternative. The servers are friendly but sorry to say it just is not a clean place. Servers who also handle money - please wear gloves!

        1. I was really in the mood for something meat or chicken-y for lunch the other day so I made plans to meet my friend Emily. We decided to check out Baguette Express, a relatively new sandwich place on 37th between 5th and 6th. The place is a tiny hole in the wall with no seating. You walk in and there is a counter in front of you with a brief and basic menu hanging above it. They do sandwiches. That's it. You pick your meat (or schnitzel or falafel), you pick your bread (looked like baguettes, whole wheat baguettes, and pita), you pick some salad toppings (of the Israeli variety - including grilled eggplant, fried onions, Israeli salad, olives, Israeli pickles etc) and some sauces / dressings, and then you take your sandwich and go. Emily ordered falafel in a pita. I had schnitzel on a whole wheat baguette (like that makes it healthy) with hummus, pickles, fried onions and BBQ sauce. We took our lunches out to Broadway and sat on the benches on the new pedestrian walkway. My sandwich was tasty. The BBQ sauce added a particularly good flavor. Of course, this was no Chickies (in Teanec), but for a local lunchtime chicken sandwich, pretty good. I would go back.