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May 22, 2009 08:09 AM

Nice review of Smokey Joe's, Teaneck

Here is a link to a nice review of Smokey Joe's, in Teaneck

The reviewer doesn't usually give 3 stars (excellent) and almost all of her reviews are on treif restaurants.

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  1. Nice review, though I think Craig might have something to say about the claim.

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      We know the truth, but I'm not worrying about it (would do me no good anyway, since I can't change anything). They were the first (well, not really, because there were other short-lived examples in Houston and Dallas, but certainly Smokey Joe's was the first viable BBQ) and they had on their menu that they were the only BBQ. Be that as it may, the review is for north Jersey, not national, so chances are it won't hurt me. More power to them for getting a nice writeup.

    2. I was really happy to see this as one of Smokey's defenders on this board. I really do like their food and I hope this review will boost them a bit.

      1. Hi. This is Smokey Joe. Yes, we are very pleased and appreciative of the review. No, we did not know she had come into the restaurant until she called to say that she was writing a review.
        Before anyone jumps on me for claiming that we are the only glatt-kosher bbq, I did mention the bbq in LA. I did tell her that we were the first authentic bbq in the USA, but I did not forget to mention Craig's operation. While I am sorry that she got that detail wrong, we are of course pleased to get a three star - excellent rating from a tough critic.

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            Nice writeup. Congratulations!

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              How about opening a branch in the 5 Towns?

            2. re: SJoe

              You are welcome to respond to me if you would like me (a restaurant broker in NYC) to see if something is available at a reasonable cost in NYC. We need a kosher barbque.