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May 22, 2009 08:00 AM

Queen Mother cafe

heading here fro dinner tomorrow. what is good? what is the vibe? how is the drinks list? do i need a reservation for two for 6pm or so?

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  1. I walk by there quite often. I used to live in the neigbourhood. I've never eaten there. I bought a slice of cake once for take out on my way home. And the lady just plopped my cake on the Styrofoam container...I didn't like her attitude and never went back. I know... the server putting in the cake is not the kitchen..but that turned me off. I hate people who do that with my cake even if its take out.

    1. I've been going there regularly the last 20 years (oh now I feel old!) and my favourites are the nam dip, ping gai, bah me hang and whatever the fish special of the day is. I don't think reservations are necessary unless you're with a large group. I've never had to wait more than 15 mins when it's just the two of us. You can always grab a drink at the bar while you wait.

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        Chiming in to second the recommendation for Ping Gai & Bah Me Hang (one of my favourite noodle preparations ever).

        We've always found the service friendly and professional. I think we've been going there since it opened, and now our teenager feels comfortable enough to go there regularily, by himself, because the staff is so welcoming.

        1. re: middydd

          I also love the ping gai - that's what I always order. The patio is really nice as well.

      2. Hi LL -- it's in my nabe and I've been a few times. I haven't had anything there that was remarkable, food wise, and nothing bad either. But the patio is really lovely, and I dig the vibe -- chill, relaxed service, dim lighting.

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        1. re: Yum2MyTum

          I go fairly often for lunch as I work in the area. The food is good, I like the pad thai and I loved the gado gado chicken sandwich that they took off the menu (grr!)

          Good place overall though.

        2. They have an outstanding veggie burger. The pattie is home made with nice seeds. Usually a veggie burger isn't my first choice when I go to a restaurant but these ones are so good. Also, their sticky rice and peanut sauce is nice. Theyr'e burgers are juicy and fab too. Same owners as the Rivoli so you can bet the burgers are consistently good.

          1. Definitely do the patio.