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May 22, 2009 07:47 AM

best italian rainbow cookies?

can anyone recommend a few bakeries where they are made on the premises?
(ideally: moist, heavy on the marzipan flavor, generous slices, and absolutely no sprinkles on it)

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  1. You have to go to the outerburoughs and check out lagulis.

    1. I think Veniero's , and Roma , and Bruno's all have very good rainbow cookies

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        I used to live in the East Village and I remember DeRobertis having good ones, but I don't have recent experience.

        1. I'm going to need to vote for Pinisi's Bakery on East 4th St. Those are my favorites. Also, if you live near a grocery store where they sell David's Cookies, that company makes a surprisingly decent rainbow cookie.

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          1. You are going to have to trust me on this one, because it requires a real effort. Growing up, these were my favorite cookies and a few years ago, I compared my favorite with all the big name Italian pastry shops in Manhattan. None compare to a place in Brooklyn on Avenue N in flatbush. Palermo Pastry Shop, its 5517 Avenue N, at the corner of East 55th Street.

            The cookies have no sprinkles, they are incredibly moist, made on the premises and have all the right flavors. I make a special trip out there for them at least twice a year, usually around the holidays - they are that good.

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              Brooklyn does all italian specialties best. We used to stop in brooklyn from NJ on our way to LI just for Italian bread.

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                I have to concur with the rec of Palermo. Their pignoli cookies and their almond cookies are so over-the-top fabulous, too. Definitely worth the trip to Avenue N.

                Mambo Italiano on First and 52nd Street sells Royal Crown rainbow cookies. Obviously not made on the premises but fresh just the same.