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May 22, 2009 07:23 AM

Rupununi drops the ball (Bar Harbor, ME)

We visit BH for a week in May every year. We have always gone to Rupununi at least once during our stay. I think we may not go again. Last night we had supper there. Sue had halibut that was supposed to come with fiddleheads. They were out of fiddleheads so they substituted asparagus. OK so far. Sue asked to sub plantain for "the starch." We question whether they were real plantains or just fried bananas. They were OK although a bit greasy. Sweeter than we remember plantains to be. Paul had ordered a scallop dish. They served some sort of chopped chicken and failed to bring bread that the menu said was included. When asked, they brought a basket of stale dinner rolls with a dish of butter that had clearly been left out to melt then put in the refrigerator to firm up again. When the chicken / scallop error was pointed out the waitress apologized and brought the correct dish about 20 minutes later. The manager came over, apologized, and comped the $3.99 salad. A lukewarm response to a dining tragedy. Sue liked the halibut. Paul's late scallops were overcooked. The whole flow of the evening was poor. There was a family seated not far from us. The adults allowed their obstreperous toddlers to run amok and pound on the fish aquarium with their hands. This was late enough in the evening that management should have politely intervened. Rupununi should not be the golden arches.

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