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May 22, 2009 07:19 AM

Dine-Around in South Miami

Hello! Four of us are doing a dine-around in South Miami this weekend. We were thinking of going to three places - somewhere for pre-dinner drinks and/or appetizers (Maybe Bougainvilleas or Town), somewhere for dinner (Two Chefs?) and somewhere for dessert. My husband and I are not big dessert eaters. Although we love sweets, we rarely order dessert when we go out for dinner. So, I'm sort of at a loss for suggestions. Any ideas?

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  1. Not my neck of the woods, but a couple thoughts anyway - (1) I've not eaten at the restaurant, but I've had food from the chef at Rincon Espanol (9511 S. Dixie Hwy) at a catered dinner and thought it was great traditional Spanish (couldn't stop eating the tortilla w/ chorizo); might be a good place to start w/ tapas; (2) Two Chefs is famous for their souffles, maybe switch it to your dessert option?

    1. Highly recommend Origin Asian Bistro. Their Cambodian Scallop Amok is phenomenal (app sized). They also have a nice variety of menu items ranging from sushi to stir fry to entrees. Town has been hit/miss when Ive been but I have had a few decent meals there. I also really like Ra Sushi for inventive sushi and Alta Cocina was also good dinner on 2 visits (I dont make it to South Miami all that often but I like the area).

      1. If your plan is to park in downtown South Miami and want to be able to walk to all three places, you have plenty of options. Yes, Bougainvillea is cozy for drinks, but RA Sushi, Lario's, and even Martinibar are all within a block or two if you want to mix it up with entirely different bar-centered themes.

        There are too many dinner ideas, but I'm a big fan of Alta Cocina for dessert. I've stopped just for the white chocolate raspberry bread pudding and the fried banana beignets after dinner elsewhere.

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          Cafe Pastis is great Their website says it best:

          Café Pastis is a funky little bistro in the middle of South Miami that calls to mind the charming neighborhood eateries of Paris. Born in Marseille, trained in Paris, chef Philippe Jacquet has partnered with Miami native Scott L. Price to bring you the most authentic country French dining experience this side of the Atlantic.

          always packed.

          Second choice would be Alta Cocina, have to support my people.

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            We wound up not doing a true dine-around because it was sprinkling, and then it started raining, etc.

            We went to Cafe Pastis for dinner, walked around a bit, and when it started raining again, we stopped at Town for an after-dinner drink and desert.

            It was actually our third or fourth time at Pastis but we had to go back after you reminded me of it! The food was delicious as it has always been the times we've been, we barely had to wait, and the service was excellent, although not rushed.

            We got three deserts to try at Town - apple cobbler, hot fudge cake, and the chocolate bread pudding. The deserts were delicious. They also had a really nice beer list. The guys considered doing a beer tasting there one night. However, the staff was not great. Sunset Place was pretty deserted at that point, I guess because of the rain and the fact that many people may have gone out of town for Memorial Day weekend, yet, they were in a hurry to get us to leave (instead of coming to ask if we wanted anything else, they ask three times if we had received the check, which we had gotten rather quickly without even asking for it). We were two nice, quiet, young couples, and we ordered over $100 between drinks and deserts over a period of an hour. You would think they would have been a bit more accomodating since we couldn't go anywhere because it was raining. Oh well!

        2. We live in South Miami and I must say, that Alta Cocina is a great place to eat. I have found Origins to be a hit or miss. Town has good drinks but thier food is not that hot. RA is very hot at this time of year, so keep that in mind. My one recomendation is, that if you are eating somewhere in the true South miami area (near sunset place) then it is worth putting a few extra quarters in the meter and walking East on Sunset a few blocks to Whip and Dip. They make all thier ice cream on premise, they have benches both inside and out and it is a great place to have a cone and people watch!