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May 22, 2009 07:05 AM

La Casera (Spanish soda) in Outer Boroughs?

Does anyone know of any outlets that sell La Casera in the OBs? I know Despana has it in Manhattan, but they charge about $4 for a big bottle if I remember correctly. I'd probably be more interested in smaller bottles (1/2 or 1 L, or the 330 mL cans) as I only use it for mixing. (This will be the summer of the tinto de verano in our household.)

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  1. how about the original d'espana in jackson heights? i have been going there for more than a decade and never been let down. a little less expensive than manhattan spin off

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    1. re: david sprague

      I'll have to give it a try. I broke down and swung by Despana in SoHo today - only had cans - and at $2.25 a pop. No small - or large - format bottles. Will have to keep my eyes open.

      And Flaco, I probably will try it with some of the sparkling lemonades, but I think La Casera makes the best ones. Thanks for the link, though!

      1. re: Flaco

        wtih summer here, i thought i'd try to revive this thread. there are lots of ob places to get fanta and jarritos, but i still can't find Casera anywhere but despana, where it now goes for $2 a can, at least at the jackson heights store, and probably more in soho.

        has anybody found an ob place for casera other than despana?