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May 22, 2009 07:00 AM

Dress code at Waterbar

A couple of New York Chowhounders will be visiting your fair city, and have ressy's at Waterbar. We're trying to determine what clothes to pack, and were wondering if wearing nice jeans, a button down shirt and a blazer would be appropriate at Waterbar? Yelp says that the attire is 'dressy', but not sure how to interpret that.


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  1. Was at Waterbar for drinks and oysters on 5/17 and saw a range of apparel. Many men in the dining room wore jackets but there were lots of tourists in jean on patio and in the bar. While I think there are few restos in SF Bay Area that would deny seating based on jacket/no jacket I would pack a blazer. Perfectly acceptable attire for SF.

    1. It's also nice to have a jacket/sweaters on hand, because evenings in SF can get cold.

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        Right. Bring a jacket, but not necessarily a blazer -- a nice bomber-style jacket would work, if you have one. When the wind off the ocean picks up in the late afternoon, you'll want it.

      2. One time, my husband surprised me with a text message saying he wanted to go to Waterbar for happy hour. Great! Except I was at the gym without a change of clothes. I figured I would sit outside if I looked completely out of place--but I was not the biggest slob there!

        There's definitely a huge range, from shorts and flip flops to designer suits. You'll be fine in nice jeans and a shirt, even without a blazer. Don't bother packing one if the only reason you're bringing it is for Wbar.

          1. SF is really the opposite of NY when it comes to fashion. It is "anything goes" here w/ no rules at a fault sometimes.

            Coincidentally, the last time I was at the Waterbar, I saw a girl wearing what appeared to be a stripper outfit, which was definitely out of place. I would say dress casual elegant as you have already planned.