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May 22, 2009 06:45 AM

Pgh: Abay v. Tana

Richmond hound coming to Pittsburgh this weekend. I've only had Ethiopian here in Richmond and am eager to try a restaurant in Pgh and compare. I saw some older posts on this subject, but wanted to see if anyone's tried these spots recently and has a vote as to which one I should visit. Thanks!

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  1. I've been to Abay twice, and Tana once. I'd say that Abay has a nicer ambience, but is much smaller. Also, last time I went there to Abay I got horrible, horrible service, suffice it to say that none of our group of 15 will ever go back there again. Tana offers honey wine which is quite good. Both are BYO.

    In terms of service, from my experience the people at Tana went over and above what I expected, while Abay treated us like 2nd class citizens and were quite rude.

    Food wise, I thought they were comparable, but I am no Ethiopian cuisine connoisseur.

    Hope that helps! They are also located like two blocks from each other

    1. I prefer the food at Abay over Tana. The ambiance is much better. Tana does have the advantage (or disadvantage depending on your perspective) or having a liquor license. I eat at Abay about twice a month and really love it. Never had any trouble with the service myself.