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May 22, 2009 06:41 AM

London- Good Pub for Sunday Lunch, Hackney?

I've got an old friend from the states coming to visit/thinking about moving to the UK soon. We'd like to take him to a nice pub for a proper Sunday lunch. Should have a good veggie version as well as meaty options. Nothing too pricy, please. We had a nice nut roast at the Approach, but it was ruined by atrocious puddings. In a pinch, we'll go to the dove or cat and mutton, but if anybody has has other recs, I'd love to hear them.

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  1. I quite liked the Pub on the Park in Victoria park... really nice roast dinners. There's also the prince arthur in London fields, and the new London FIelds pub on mare street, which i haven't tried yet....

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      The Pub on the Park is fine for a beer in the sun, but I think there are much better places around for food - the Prince Arthur is a good suggestion or the Empress of India have a good Sunday roast.
      I've always had pretty good meals at the Cat and Mutton as well.

      1. Try the Marksman on Hackney road, just in the news for barter for a beer, or down the alley on columbia road flower market, the Royal Oak. the Oak can get extremly busy on a sunday and no bookings.

        1. Spurstowe arms has really good food (or used to a few years back)

          Had a great roast for a big party once, where they bring out a whole shoulder of lamb and a whole trout for everyone to share. it was beautiful

          1. I think a previous poster was referring to the Victoria Arms which is on the corner of Vicky park. I do not think this would be your best bet to entertain a guest from the states. Good for a drink and a catch up but to eat i would not recommend. I actually thought it had a fire recently but perhaps it has reopened.

            I would suggest going into town to get a real good atmosphere whilst eating.

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              Oops I meant The Royal Inn on the Park in Victoria Park. I was there over Easter and it hadn't had a fire. The roast beef was really good though.