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May 22, 2009 06:37 AM

Soft Shell Crabs - Phila

Does anyone know of places serving soft shells crabs currently in and around the city?

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  1. I haven't checked yet this season, but Dimitri's usually has them (and they are excellent!)

    1. I like the soft shells at Yang Ming, in Bryn Mawr. (I also like their Caesar Salad appetizer with Asian pears and chicken - an unusual combination, but very good.)

      1. you just missed this: matyson's tasting menu this week (outrageous onions!) had cashew crusted soft shell crabs. they were very good. you may want to call the restaurant to see if they are still available, because i know throughout the week they were serving them a la carte if you didn't want to order the tasting menu.

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          I just read their tasting menu online... WOW! looks wonderful...sorry I missed it.

        2. Soft shell crab platters and sandwiches are on the menu at Standard Tap right now.

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            Don't laugh but Under the C in the Comcast Center Market has them and they are excellent if you get them sauteed up on the spot. They also have them at Anastasi's at the Italian Market.

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              Not laughing! Had a soft shell sandwich from Under the C today - delish!

          2. Marigold Kitchen has them on the menu for a special cookbook author dinner on June 16th but I do not see them on their everyday menu