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May 22, 2009 06:26 AM

Mon/Ocean Cty - Blueberry Pancakes?

I've been craving blueberry pancakes and am desperate to find a place that does them right.
I'm looking for the blueberries IN the batter and not topped with that compote goo.
Anywhere in Monmouth County or Ocean County. I'm in Howell and willing to travel.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thx.

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  1. Forked River Diner, on Rt 9 in Forked River. Very good pancakes, and the bluberries are in the mix.

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    1. re: johnandlisa

      I like the pancakes at Amy's Omelette House in Long Branch. Although I've never had the blueberry pancakes, I know they make them along with a dozen other varieties. Good Luck.

    2. Lemon-Blueberry at Turn Point in Pier Village. They're great...

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      1. re: vtt7

        In Between in Red Bank - THE best blueberry pancakes.