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May 22, 2009 05:47 AM

any good idea for making cruton for bisque?

hey i think cruton with bisque is fantastic combination.
how should i make ? which bread should i choose ? baguette ? and should i dice the bread or leave it as a chunk of slice. and moreover how i make it crusty ?

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  1. I have two versions with a few variations. You can make almost a large crouton which is when I use a baguette, I drizzle olive oil, some light seasoning, s/p, usually the seasoning depends on what I am serving it with. It is more like toasted bread, but I do like it with more crunch.

    For average croutons, it is up to you, cut small or cut larger, the larger will be softer, I tend to go with a bit smaller, maybe 3/4 in or so. My basic recipe is to use:

    Day old french bread works best for me, some olive oil, s/p, I like a little garlic powder and some Italian seasoning and a little red pepper flakes.

    Heat the oven to 400, toss the croutons in a bowl with any seasoning you like and bake till golden brown. You can even sprinkle some fine grated parm on the croutons too before baking. Some like to sprinkle the cheese on after, I prefer before baking. Perfect every time no matter what.

    I make some with just parsley and basil, some with basil and garlic, but the method is the same no matter what seasoning you use. Even if you make large slices for a single crouton, I still use the same method.

    1. FYI, for a bisque or a soup, I love one big slice or crouton, but anything works.

      The last time I made a shrimp bisque I served it with a small skewer of 3 fresh grilled shrimp, marinated in some sherry wine, some fresh parsley, and a baguette toasted and then with melted gruyere cheese.

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        I serve my soups that have a crouton with one large one. I make them from a baguette with olive oil and season them according to what I am serving them with.

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          Yep totally agree, I large slice I use baguette, Otherwise use the french. I love bisques or creamed soups with a large slice. They are soooo good. I am making some tomorrow for a fresh tomato and spinach soup but making croutons.