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May 22, 2009 05:29 AM

Best (or good) outdoor/garden restaurant in Park Slope?

There's about 8 of us, and we want to eat and drink at a relaxed restaurant that has a garden in or around the Slope- any recs?

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  1. Fez, a Moroccan restaurant in Windsor Terrace is a short walk or one stop on the F train from Park Slope (15th Street stop). It has a gorgeous back garden with a tented area. It's very relaxing and I enjoy the food.

    1. Brooklyn Fish Camp has a nice garden. Tables are large and could accommodate 8 people.

        1. re: elecsheep9

          x2. I wish I lived further north in the Slope so this could be a neighborhood place. Great, consistent fare and a really nice environment.

        2. Little D has a lovely garden out back - my favorite in the neighborhood, it's usually very quiet and laid-back. 7th between 14/15.

          1. Song has a nice garden, although it's pretty crowded on a Friday so there are no guarantees of getting seated there, Perch also has a nice outdoor area with large round tables