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May 22, 2009 03:38 AM

Where is the Best fried chicken in SA.TX

I am looking for the best fried chicken in San Antonio,tx any help will be appreciated.

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  1. I like Mr and Mrs G's on WW White. I also like Popeyes.

    1. Try the new-ish Earl Abel's on Old Austin Hwy. Their old location had great fried chicken, as well as pan gravy and terrific mashers. Please let us Southeners know what you find.
      Has anyone tried the fried chicken at 410 Diner or DeWeise's? Report?

      1. I really like the fried chicken at Bill Miller BBQ, dont really care for their BBQ but the chicken is good.


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          I agree, their BBQ sucks, but the fried chicken is good.

          1. re: saeyedoc

            Mr. and Mrs. G's all the way. Awesome chicken plus black eyed peas sweet potatoes, and greens. If you go get some dessert it's all awesome.

          1. Earl Abel's is very reliable. They make a great cracklin' gravy and have excellent mashers. Sinful, old fashion desserts like your grandma used to make on Sunday.

            You might also like the fried chicken at the Pig Stand on Broadway. It is cheap and has a good crust if you like a thicker or crunchier crust. Not for everyone, but I like it much better than any of the large chains.