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May 22, 2009 03:00 AM

Tarpon Springs - Quaint Places

We are looking for small resturants in the area -

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  1. Hellas, Mykonos by the docks, an Irish Pub downtown had great beer, Mamas is still there and classic greek. There is also Budapest I think ... Hungarian and really good food. I think it is still there.

    Down Dunedin is very nice to visit. The Black Pearl in Dunedin is very nice. La Trattoria for Italian is also nice. Most of Dunedin downtown is small owned local business. Relaxed atmosphere very enjoyable, low key, There is another Irish Pub there as well which is fun to go to.

    if you want to go to Tampa, some very nice places but I like to stay more towards the local fare and enjoy the area.

    1. I like Costa's or Mykonos by the spongedocks.

      1. Tarpon Springs has become one really awful tourist trap. We have been going there for years, but never again. First, we parked on the main street and was immediately advised
        by a local citizen that there is now a $2 parking fee for street parking. I handed the guy 8 quarters and he requested only bills. Had a quick lunch. A few burgers. Surliest waitress
        imaginable presented me with a hand scribbled check for $22. I asked the cashier to make some explanation. Fifteen bucks for your burgers and tax and $7 the waitress stuck on for her tip. You got to believe, I won't be back.

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          Never paid for parking never 22 dollars for burgers and never a tip added on. Sorry. I go up there every month or so with friends.

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            I agree with kchurchill; give TS another try. Not sure where you had those burgers; I've certainly never had a tip added to my bill in TS. If you stick to the recs on this board I doubt you'll have a bad experience next time. For example, the parking lot at Mykonos is free for patrons, and they usually don't mind if you want to take a little stroll after your meal (I always ask in advance as a courtesy). DH and I eat there approx. once a month and we are always greeted and served warmly. Not to mention that the food is fabulous (I also use their salad dressing and Greek seasoning--which they sell at the restaurant--at home).

            1. re: laurie

              I forgot about the salad dressing, yes very good!

              Parking isn't always easy but you can usually fine a few places that are always open and if anything I remember maybe 1 or 2 lots with just a 2 fee but that was for all day. Lots of free parking available. I also think most places there probably expect you to take a little walk. Just part of the charm. Even though it is touristy and all, I still enjoy it. I love to see the boats, be on the water and just enjoy the scenery. Downtown Dunedin is another fave.

          2. In addition to Mykonos and Hellas (for dessert) in TS, I would suggest Casa Tina in Dunedin and Strachans ice cream for a cone or sundae (the original is on Alt 19 in Palm Harbor and the second one is on Main St in Dunedin). La Maison in Dunedin is also nice for wine and tapas.