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May 22, 2009 12:13 AM

A little slice of Singapore in Hong Kong

Silvercord in Canton Road, Tshimshatsui, used to be known for the location of Hard Rock Cafe HK. Now, it seems to have become a mini-haven for Singapore brand eateries: Food Republic (a Singapore-run food court, which includes stall offering Singapore-style Hainanese chicken rice), Breadtalk (Singapore bakery chain), and Toastbox which offers Singapore-style kaya toast. Boy, I sure felt right at home there :-)

30 Canton Road, Hong Kong

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  1. Silvercord was where we used to hang out as kids - the videogame arcade was one of the easiest to get into for the "underage" (min age 16). Anyway, enough nostalgia - have you tried the Hainan Chicken rice at Food Republic there?

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      Oh no, since I was on a short visit to HK, so I wasn't going to "waste" any stomach space on something I'd get back in Singapore ;-) I was actually on my way to the Haiphong Rd outlet of Hui Lau Shan for desserts, after a dim sum lunch at Superstar in Harbour City.