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May 21, 2009 11:45 PM

How do I know whats "in season" regarding fruits and veggies?

Hello everyone

in an effort to maybe get some more fruit and veggies intake, im sick of eating out-of-season bland supermarket fruits and veggies. There are a couple farmers markets in Toronto area, but I don't live near any! So I figure my best shot is buying stuff thats "in season" because the quality should be better in my local mass markets

Is there like a list somewhere where I can keep up to date, lol

How do you guys do it?


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  1. Well, from experience, supermarket fruits and vegetables are often imported from far away even for in-season produce ( even if there are local producers); check/ask for the provenance of what you are buying; for example, in august, you could still probably buy tomatoes that come from California.

    a quick googling returned this :

    1. "In Season" foods vary with each region of the country / world. It's best if you know what's growing in your own area. Here's a site where you can click on your state and then the month you're interested in..... there's a list of the available produce just for you...

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      1. This is probably going to be of zero help to you but...if you happen to have an iphone, there's an application you can download called locavore. It tell you what's in season in your area based on a gps reading. Don't know if it covers Canada, though.

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          yes, bob, i was just going to say the same thing -- i saw the announcement that this product is new in the app store. have you tried it?

        2. I don't know how much overlap this will have with Toronto, but thought it might be helpful to folks from the Pacific NW who check out your thread. It's cool-- you can search by ingredient or time frame/season:

          1. i find local, in season produce in my supermarket is generally promoted as such -- otherwise no telling where items come from.