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Aug 11, 2004 08:12 PM

Frozen Custard

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i did a search on this topic already, but wanted to see if any of you guys got around to trying these places.
i just had frozen custard for the first time in palm desert and it was AMAZING! i looked up frozen custard online and came across the listing for this frozen custard place near the beverly center.

Silky Smooth Frozen Custard
Phone: (310) 659-9992
Address: 8500 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

has anyone tried it? reviews?

i also found this one... any reviews on it are also welcome =)

Brothers Frozen Custard
Phone: (626) 854-1044
Address: 1600 S Azusa Ave Unit 329
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

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  1. I was in the Beverly Center the other day and saw a sign near Macy's that said "Frozen Custard, coming soon." I think that's probably the place you found listed, so I don't think it's open yet.

    1. What is the difference between frozen custard and soft serve ice cream?
      AND WHY is there NO MR. SOFTEE in Los Angeles?

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      1. re: Robin Tuvi

        Yeah, I know what you mean. I hit Dairy Queen for my soft serve fix, but it's not the same as Mr. Softee.

        1. re: Robin Tuvi

          Custard has a smooth, satiny texture. Also a richer, fuller taste - from egg yolk and a minimum 10% butterfat content.

          Once you taste custard -- good, custard -- you will definitely notice the difference.

          1. re: Robin Tuvi

            See this month's Vogue for Steingarten on Mr. Softee.

            We have taco trucks instead, and we have them year-round. You don't see any Mr. Softee trucks on corners in Manhattan during the middle of winter. Sadly, frozen custard just isn't a big deal here.

            Strickland's on Campus in Irvine is pretty good. I recently tried Kill Devil's right off of the El Toro Rd. exit from the 5, on our way down to San Diego. Strickland's is better, but Kill Devil's is better than nothing at all.

            1. re: Debbie
              Professor Salt

              I tried Kill Devil's recently for the first time and had the mango custard. Very soft texture, pleasant enough, but I didn't see what all the fuss is about. I admit to having no palate for soft serve / frozen custard / frozen yogurt, but really, I can't tell much difference among the three.

              Next time, I'll have to give the vanilla a shot and assess the eggy / custardy qualities. I'm imagining a soft serve creme anglaise. Perhaps I should reset my expectations?

              1. re: Professor Salt

                I had a small cup of vanilla at Kill Devil's. I ignored all the concoctions they had posted on the walls. Vanilla is the litmus test. I was comparing it to the plain vanilla at Strickland's that I had tried a few months ago, and to my memories of the vanilla at Kopp's in Milwaukee (been about 5 years since I last went to Kopp's).

                The texture of the custard at Kill Devil's was fine. The flavor just seemed a bit off. It was kind of floral, but not in a good way. It didn't have any oomph. I got bored eating it after a few spoonsful. I know I'm not describing it very well for you, Prof. Since you're in the area, check out Strickland's if you haven't already.

                I can really discern a difference between the texture of real frozen custard, vs. DQ or Foster's Freeze or frozen yogurt. Frozen custard has a lot more body. Actually, I think McDonald's soft serve is better than DQ and Foster's Freeze, and a pretty good value to boot. That's the only reason I ever go to McDonald's on purpose.

                1. re: Debbie

                  I have always been consistently disappointed with Foster's Freeze... as stated previously, vanilla is the litmus test, and their vanilla soft serve has no real flavor to me. It's simply a texture vehicle for the other items in your sundae/float etc. concoction.

                  I want to like Foster's more than I do because it seems to be more of a local chain than DQ, but DQ's soft serve definitely has a better flavor.

                  Hm, maybe I should start a new thread on top soft serve in the LA area...

                  Mr. Taster

            2. re: Robin Tuvi

              As a native of Milwaukee, where we are raised on a steady diet of Kopp's frozen custard (and, in a pinch, Leon's or Culver's), your question makes me very sad. I can't imagine thinking that frozen custard is anything like soft-serve ice cream. Hopefully you'll find a place in L.A. to learn first hand.

              But until you do: frozen custard is just like ice cream, but made with an eggier custard base. It is softer than most ice creams (I suppose like soft serve), but at least in Milwaukee, is served scooped. It's much denser than soft serve, and has an extremely smooth texture (no iciness). I was lucky to grow up where we always got it the moment it was extruded fresh out of the freezer. But then again, as one of the other posters pointed out, everyplace has something great that you can't find elsewhere. Sure, you can get fantastic custard in Milwaukee, but try finding good Japanese food!

              Then again, I just checked the Culver's website, and they have nationwide franchising . . .

              1. re: jnovgirl

                Kopp's also ships. Of course, then it will be frozen solid which scares me. One of my cousins and I toyed with the idea of ordering from Kopp's for a Thanksgiving treat, but it was just too darn expensive to justify.

                Strickland's on Campus in Irvine is as close to Kopp's as I have seen in California. Search the board for prior threads on frozen custard. And check out Kopp's website.


                1. re: Debbie

                  Hopefully, the link below is corrected.


              2. re: Robin Tuvi

                Something about the ice cream truck subject brings out some crankiness sides, every time . . . there was another discussion of ice cream trucks a month or two ago, with similar snarling. But also some nice tips about where to find them. Here's the link.


                1. re: PayOrPlay

                  Please, folks, if you spot nasty/crazy postings, send the URL to us at so we can keep the boards friendly and focused. We have a ton of great, friendly posters and a small number of trolls (inevitable in any online community). We don't have to put up with them.

              3. Brothers Frozen Custard is inside the Puente Hills Mall. I seem to remember a long time ago my husband tried it and it wasn't impressed. Next time I go to the mall I'll pick some up and try it again. If its excellent I'll let you know!

                1. I had some frozen custard the other day in El Segundo (after lunch at Chef Hannes, which had been recommended on this board. Perhaps I'll write about it.) Anyway. It was on Main Street, is called Lickety Split, and was a rather charming place. They only had about 8 flavours - I tasted the blueberry (which was a startling shade of blue), which was quite good but I ended up with Vanilla as I didn't want anything too sweet, and my friend got Black Raspberry (which was a lovely shade of violet). We both ordered the smallest size, which was rather large.

                  I am not a frozen custard expert, but I thought what we had was rather good. Nothing like sitting out on a warm California afternoon enjoying frozen treats.