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May 21, 2009 09:45 PM

Mr. Yogato in Fells Point (Baltimore)

Didn't see a mention of this tangy frozen yogurt place on this board. Just wanted to let people know the Baltimore location is now open. We finally went yesterday and at first glance it seems like a serious contender. Our biggest complaint about Red Mango and Pinkberry is that the yogurt flavors seem like gimmicks. The flavored yogurt here is done very well, especially strawberry. They also have a plain ("creamy") flavor for those days you just don't want tangy frozen yogurt. Atmosphere seemed over the top at first, but we had fun playing the games once we settled in. The toppings are a lot of fun. There is no charge for whip cream and peanut butter. The have a nice free toppings bar, too. I had a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar with my strawberry frozen yogurt. They also have sea salt, olive oil, sprinkles, old bay, and maple syrup among others.

Mr Yogato
723-A South Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

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  1. i like this place. usually i do the creamy and chocolate yogurt mix. i'm not into the toppings. My friend did the 30 day challenge. his flavor is called "gianduJoe" a blend of milk chocolate and hazlenut mix., like "gianduja", the italian combo. I am all about duckfat, but when i want a light snack, it fits the bill. the people who run the place are sweet.

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      my boyfriend wants to do the 30 day challenge!

      We love the one in DC - it's fun, and the discounts for the trivia add up. Plus, our dog loves the stuff :)

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        I love that flavor idea! Will try it next time.