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May 21, 2009 07:50 PM

Sour Cherries

Any sightings in the Manhattan markets yet? I have been craving them for months now and I am just waiting for my first of the season. Btw had my first nectarine today and it was awesome, got it from the late night fruit vender on 110 and Amsterdam. His banana's are great too very sweet.

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  1. I checked Lucy's Greenmarket Report - they were available in Union Square last year starting around the third week of June.

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      Ahh 1 more month to go. I will ravage other fruits til then. Thanks small h

    2. They are in Union Square Greenmarket now, tons of vendors but very pricey. I want to get enough for my mom to bake a pie as she sorely misses the tree we had in our house growing up. Anyone know a cheaper source in the city/Brooklyn perchance?

      1. Locust Grove had them at the W. 97th St. market on Friday. Don't recall the price though.

        1. I checked out the Stuy town green market today and saw some sour cherries. They were being sold by the orchard that mainly sell apples, but also carries tomatoes and cucumbers. Can't remember their name, but they are also at Tompkin's Square and a good looking Czech guy is usually in charge.

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            According to the SO they were at the Columbia U greenmarket on Sunday, of course he informed me at 3pm. Hoping and praying for them to be there Thursday. Will check early morning and report price and if more than one vendor.

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                My husband went to the Union Sq market noonish yesterday and if there were any, thye were all gone.

                1. re: buttertart

                  So they were at the Columbia Greenmarket. Half pint for $2.50 from one vendor, another vendor $4 for the pint and 2 quarts for $12 you can guess which ones I got. Hoping they have the 2 quart on Sunday as well so I can get some to freeze. Good Luck.

                  1. re: kayEx

                    I just saw sour cherries at the market across from Lincoln Center.

                    1. re: MMRuth

                      Update - I just bought some - nice dark colour - at the greenmarket on 9th Avenue between 56th & 57th, for $5.00 a pound. After I pit and measure them, I'll see how that compares to the pint for $4.00 that I got at USQ on Saturday. I suspect this batch is cheaper though.