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May 21, 2009 07:48 PM

Gordon Ramsay gave a NJ restaurant a makeover

I found this article on APP . Restaurant was originally called Flamangos in Readington and got a makeover from Gordon Ramsay.

It is now called the Junction.

Has anybody been here yet?

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  1. Anyone want to take one for the team? What about you Shabby? :)

      1. re: RGR

        never heard of te place by either name, these days money is tight i like to go where i know i will get a what I want.

      2. Got a crazy long weekend ahead of me.

        Looks like they do serve lunch, Sure, I'll take a road trip some time next week and check it out!

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          Thanks Shabby. I knew I could count on you. :)

        2. And another restaurant in NJ touched by a Gordon Ramsay makeover...Bazzini in Ridgewood NJ

          1. Visited Station Restaurant in Whitehouse Station NJ Rt 523 for lunch.
            I do not know anything about the restaurant before the Gordon Ramsay makeover, do not have a baseline.
            The restaurant is large, Farmhouse Country decor, wood plank floors, and stonewalls, very cozy. Acoustics are not great.
            If you have never been to this area of NJ, the restaurant is on main street, small town America feel in New Jersey, next door to the train station.

            The restaurant was very busy for lunch, and the hostess explained it has been busy since they reopened last week. Like all Ramsey makeovers it was a battle of their dream vs what they need to do to run a successful business. From reading, Gordon Ramsey's Advice is usually the same - A successful restaurant is one that puts the desires of its customers, above the desires of its owner.

            The food, in my opinion, is just that, small town America, homogenized, basic ‘diner like’ food. If I was going to makeover the restaurant from the outside looking in, based on other dining options in close proximity, it would be the easy bet.

            Fried Dill Pickle Chips – Good – Fried pickles now checked off my life to do list 3.00
            Slider Combo – 3 mini burgers – turkey – buffalo – meatloaf – with special sauce – no lettuce cheese pickles onion- on a small sweet bun. – Ok 11.00
            Sweet Potato Fries – good

            Menu for lunch was simple but expensive.
            Soup of the Day




            Biggers – which were main entrees ranging from 13-18
            Prime Rib
            Roasted Chicken
            Glazed Salmon
            Mac and Cheese
            Chicken Jubilee

            Dessert – Pie

            After lunch grabbed dessert at Polar Cub Ice Cream Rt 22 – Polar Pop – Yummy!
            Then Took a ride over the mountains and through the woods to Flemington NJ!
            Good road trip!

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            1. re: shabbystorm

              My mistake, not Station restaurant - Junction Restaurant.
              Apologize for any confusion this may have caused.