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May 21, 2009 07:37 PM

Flint - Saginaw Dining?

We're heading to Saginaw at a friend's invitation in mid-July and will probably be staying in Flint. We're looking for some good mid-to-upscale restaurants. About the only thing we don't like is Indian curry-heavy food. Also interested in knowing where the best breakfast joints are - you know, the one's that you go to on the weekend and enjoy and "sit-back-and-relax" meal.

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  1. I like the "Italian" lasagna at Ruggero's. (skip their "regular" lasagna)

    1. The one time we went to Flint, we ate at the Redwood Lodge. It's kind of upscale bar food. It's not your typical burger and was actually much fancier than we were looking for, but still really enjoyed the meal.

      Redwood Lodge
      Flint, MI, Flint, MI

      1. After reading this it really made me think of "upscale dining" in Flint, there's not a lot. I haven't lived in the Flint area for a few years and it was scarce, even then. However if looking for upscale I would suggest Fandangles, in Flushing. I'm not sure if they are still there, but they had a small dining room and great food and the hours were limited. Like Rainsux, I would also suggest Ruggero's it's casual, but the food has been consistent for years...the original owners are still on site. It's on LInden Rd. Also, for some good mid-eastern, try Taboon, again on Linden Rd. their hot pita with garlic dip is great! All of these places are on the west side of Flint.

        Where will you be staying in the Flint area? That might help in giving you some suggestions for other places that might not be upscale, but good food as there are a lot of chains.

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          Our plan, at this point, is to be at the Courtyard, located at 5205 Gateway Centre. We also considering the Sheraton FourPoints at 4960 Towne Centre in Saginaw.

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            If you stay at the Courtyard, then Redwood Lodge is located in the same complex. The others that I have recommended are not as close, but easy to get to on the way to Saginaw as they are all north and just a little west of I-75. Can't give you any help if staying in Saginaw, but I'm sure someone on this board will have a suggestion.

        2. From Flint I would consider driving down to the Holly Hotel or to Fenton for the FL.
          Between Flint and Saginaw is Frankenmuth which is really very nice compared to either Flint or Saginaw. You may want to consider hotels at Birch Run that split the drive between Flint and Saginaw. Both Zehnders and the Bavarian Inn are fairly famous for their chicken but IMO the German ethnic dishes are a lot more chow worthy.
          Another option would be the Common Grill in Chelsea.

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          1. re: Fritter

            > Holly Hotel

            it's a restaurant, not a hotel. Probably th closest thing
            to fine dining near Flint.

            > Common Grill

            An excellent restaurant ... but nearly 70 miles from Flint.

            1. re: rainsux

              and worth every mile of the drive...... :)

          2. If you do stay in Flint, you are really close to Grand Blanc about 10 minutes away. There you will find Luca's Steak House, which I have heard good things about and DaEdorado for higher end Italian. DaEdorado is in a nice location and you could ask for a window seat that overlooks the lake/pond. Both of those are considered more upscale.