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May 21, 2009 07:13 PM

Dinner After Graduation

I would be glad to hear suggestions for celebration dinner for 6 on Saturday night after son's law school graduation. He would like to go to Vespaio, but I don't want to risk it with no possibility of reservations. Don't really want a steak house. Has anyone had a good experience at Shoreline Grill lately? I would like it to go to a place with comfortable seating, good service and not too loud. Also thought of Roaring Fork or Louie's. Surely there is something else out there that hasn't come to mind. Thanks!

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  1. If you don't mind going to the Arboretum area, and there are sushi lovers in your group, I suggest Kenobi. The restaurant is beautiful and comfortable, it is not loud, the food I have had there has been very good. They accept reservations. The dinner entree menu is a bit limited, but has steak, chicken and fish. They have lots of appetizers and sushi options and a very nice house salad.

    1. How about the Driskill Grill? It fits your description really well. It's quiet, the service is absolutely top notch and the food is really terrific. Also, they're featuring a 3 course prix fixe menu these days for $39. My mother, husband and I recently had it and it was a great experience.

      There's also Paggi House. It's a little noisier, but not so much that you can't hold a conversation. The service is excellent here too. They don't offer a prix fixe menu so the final bill might be spendier, but the food is simple and really excellent.

      Both places take reservations and are perfect for a celebratory dinner.