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May 21, 2009 06:05 PM

Wedding at Inn at Little Washington

Has anyone had or attended a wedding/reception at the Inn at Little Washington?

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  1. I have had two friends married there, but attended only one of the events. They do make it a very nice wedding, but you have to remember that weddings go by so fast that sometimes, it's better to have a more middle of the road event rather than something so expensive, and lavish, that you might not fully enjoy.

    If it's your wedding, you might think about using the Inn as a place to spend the night after the wedding, before your departure for your honeymoon.

    I can tell you this; my wedding went by so fast, I didn't even get to eat, because of all of the talking and thanking of guests that my wife and I had to do. I can't tell you what was served, what I drank or what the florals looked like, not because I didn't care, but because everything was so rushed.

    But hey, everyones wedding is different and it might turn out to be really nice and memorable. I do know that Patrick does a great job with his PDR menu.

    1. I knew a co-worker who got married there (I wasn't a guest -- too bad!) who was very pleased with it. They had a little garden wedding and a luncheon afterwards. It wasn't a big cupcake wedding, but I saw the pictures and thought it was gorgeous. Because it was so small (about 25 ppl, I think), they were able to enjoy themselves at the lunch.

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        1. Having just got married about two weeks after having a wedding that was exactly what I wanted at the Greenbrier I will say these words of advice:

          You never know what things are going to cost until you ask. We thought someplace grand like the Greenbrier would be a lot pricier than places in DC, but were quite surprised when we actually priced out a lot of different options. Some places we expected to be quite pricey were more accomodating than we expected and had a lot of perks (we had a free wedding planner at the Greenbrier) and some places had room rentals that were just incredibly high and you got nothing for it but a space. So you get what you pay for in my mind your guests will notice good service.

          It is a day and it does fly by a bit, but it is a special day and you gotta take the time to take it in. Make it exactly how you want because you will remember it and so will many people. I can remember all the food, the leek soup that was delightful, the bit of crisp chicken skin on the entree and the sauce, the goat cheese and virginia ham on the salad, the wedding cake was so good I wanted to eat like 12 pieces, I made sure to get a full piece after my bite, I remember all the flowers, all the people and how they looked in the glow of the room, I remember everything... you have to make sure you see it and enjoy it. I wouldn't want my wedding any other way and that's what it has to be just what you want, and when you get that savor it. I say go for it. I don't think that any place with a reputation like the inns would let your guests leave hungry if you are concerned talk to them about it and address the concern now and who knows what they might come up with?

          If you can swing it a sit down dinner means you get to eat and talk with people a bit more, I was so happy we had a sit down dinner.

          1. S. Beet -- I am currently planning my wedding at the Inn for late September. It was important to me to have a small, intimate setting (we'll have 40 guests) and I wanted it to be a unique experience for our guests. We had done a fair amount of planning at a venue in Old Town, Alexandria that required a caterer and the cost was very similar to what we are paying for dinner at the Inn (we're doing a 5-course dinner).

            I'd be happy to share more details with you on how the planning process has gone if you have any specific questions.

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              thanks all for your responses.

              yes, please share your details. can you send emails via chowhound?

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                Eurodream- How was your wedding at the Inn? We're thinking about having ours there this fall. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

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                  fallwedding, don't count on eudoradream to respond, since this was her (his?) only post ever. i'd suggest you start your own new thread about your topic in particular.

                  good luck! (but this fall!?!? it's mid-july! fall is just around the corner!)

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                    I got married there about 2.5 years ago and highly recommend it. We stayed in the Gamekeepers Cottage and got married on the lawn behind it overlooking the mountains - very scenic. Its a great place to get married - and what a great meal after the ceremony!! As always, the food was great.

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                      Hi fallwedding - alkapal was right that the above from a year ago was my only comment but I am frequent reader and thought I would respond to your question. It is a biased response but the wedding was great. We were meant to be married behind the Game Keeper's cottage - which we reserved for the occasion - but we were rained out and ended up having to use the Town Hall. The Inn staff was amazing - escorted all of our guests from the original location to the Town Hall with umbrellas. Made sure that the venue was as close to as beautiful inside as it would have been outside.
                      Like I mentioned above, we had a 5-course dinner for ~40 ppl in the ballroom. We also had a cocktail hour in the shops across from the Inn (they clear out all of the retail pieces). Our guests got to head over to the kitchen to meet Patrick O'Connell - which they all loved. We brought in our own musicians but outside of that we used the Inn for everything else (flowers, cake, photography). I'm not going to pretend that it was a cheap wedding - because it wasn't. But like I mentioned before - we were fairly far along in the planning of a wedding at a venue in Old Town when we changed course and moved to the Inn and our wedding at the Inn - while a smaller one (40 versus 75 ppl) then we originally planned - was less expensive then it would have been in Alexandria. The Inn's rates to rent the venue are extremely reasonable and while the cost of food per person may be on the higher side - you can easily pay that for sub-par catering in the DC area. Good food and a good atmosphere were very important to us and the Inn delivered on that in spades.