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May 21, 2009 05:20 PM

Best place for lunch delivery?

I am looking for some good places for lunch that deliver to midtown. Any suggestions? I like salads, all kinds of ethnic food etc - the only important thing for me is that they deliver and don't have like a $40 minimum:(

In such a large city, there are so many options that if you aren't familiar the potential for confusion is infinite! So I really appreciate any guidance, thanks!

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  1. Midtown is pretty big...where are you exactly?

    Seamless Web is a good place to start regardless:

    you can also check the "Midtown Lunch" site for restaurants and then find out if any of the appealing ones will deliver to you:

    a couple of potentially helpful threads:

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    1. My favorite place is Tuscany Catering (available on Seamless). Great pizza, heros, and a salad with salmon and candied walnuts that's really delicious.

      1. Also, I recommend Jess Bakery on...23rd b/w 2nd and 3rd ave? It's super cheap Chinese and they have great all day deals.