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May 21, 2009 05:12 PM

Best Tortillas in Austin

Hounds, I'm Looking for the best tortillas (both corn and flour, ) to take out in Austin. Your thoughts appreciated

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  1. Maybe not the best, but the flour tortillas from Central Market are far up my list. btw HEB tortillas should be in the same ballpark, but are not near the same quality.

    I personally really like the corn tortillas served at Angie's, but I don't know if they sell in bulk, etc

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    1. re: Chefdavis

      I wasn't aware that there was difference between HEB and Central Market tortillas.

    2. I like the fresh handmade tortillas at Casa Garcia's on Wm. Cannon,
      they bring them to the table warm and fresh, never re-heated.

        1. Central Market has very good fat-free flour tortillas but they spoil in a few days.

          1. i don't know what the best is, but i know i like house made flour tortillas. if they aren't outsourced, consider me a fan. with that said, these are some I've enjoyed:

            la posada
            jorge's garcias? tacos
            el chile

            la mexicana bakery
            el milagro

            All these tortillas are really different than those sold at Central Market which are thin and springy/stretchy, as opposed to greasy, flaky, or fluffy.

            HEB also sells a couple of varieties made fresh in store as well as decent refrigerated and griddle version.

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              I've seen El Milagro packages at El chilito, I assume that they use the same at El Chile.