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May 21, 2009 04:46 PM

Looking for special lunch spot near Albany St. hospitals

DH and I will be in Boston most of the day tomorrow. I've got an interview at 10:00 a.m. and he has an MD appointment at 3:00 at Boston Medical Center (Albany and Mass Ave area). We're looking for someplace nice for lunch that would kill some time in between times. Ideally we'd like to leave the car in the validated lot and either walk or take a short taxi ride to lunch. DH won't eat Asian, so, what are my other options for a delicious repast fit for a chowhound? Thanks for your help!

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  1. B&G Oysters, a long walk or a short cab ride - see post below on Rudy's Resto Cafe on Mass and Melnea - haven't eaten there but it sounds walkable and decent

      1. If you're looking for a casual sandwich spot with some good homemade soups, baked goods and more, check out Blunch. It's about a 5 minute walk from where you'll be, on the corner of Harrison and East Springfield. I've only been there once and it was excellent; if I was in that area more often I'd definitely be a regular...

        1. Toro, a tapas spot, has great sandwiches for lunch. It's on Washington Street, very close to BMC.