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May 21, 2009 04:42 PM

Ocean Isle and North Myrtle Beach

Annual trip to the beach! Any good eats?

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  1. It is a challenge to find good eats in that area. Sunset Gourmet in Sunset Beach has great lunch specials and home made soup of the day. For Calabash seafood, try the Seafood Hut, no frills but good. River City Cafe at Barefoot Landing has very good burgers,.They serve you peanuts in the shell when you arrive. To find the best dining, take a ride down to Murrell's Inlet. Lots of choices.

    1. Twin Lakes is good for Seafood. They offer everything from grilled with a Carribean flair to fried and it is fresh - owners also own fish market. They are located right before you cross the Sunset Beach Bridge. Boundry House is also decent in Calabash and has a varied menu, something for everybody. If you just want "Calabash fried", the Seafood Hut as mentioned before is as good as it gets, local favorite but no frills. If you want to sit down (table service), try Ella's, it's across the street.

      For your sweet tooth, the Calabash Creamery is worth a visit. Everything made in house using premium ingredients. It's not cheap , but how often do you really treat yourself to that kind of homemade fresh product?

      1. Go down to the riverfront in Little River...Where the casino boats go out of. Tucked into the back corner of that area is a place called Crab Catchers. Dumpy little place with the friendliest bar and nicest deck overlooking the Intercoastal waterway. Great seafood. They have a side of deep-fried corn that is excellent. Best scallops anywhere.