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May 21, 2009 03:53 PM

Milwaukee - Fun Rehearsal Dinner or Cocktails/Apps with a View Perhaps?

Niece's wedding in mid-Sept. - will be about 30 people or less & on a Thursday night. Cost is definitely an issue - I think something under $25pp with a drink or two would work. Basically, everyone is coming in from out of town - California, Colorado, East Coast, and as elderly grandma is in Milwaukee, and we're bringing the wedding to her! They just want something fun downtown, 3rd Ward, lakeside or ?? & it would be nice to have a view or fun theme, as many have never been to MKE before. Obviously need somewhere we can reserve the space, so local advice much appreciated. Some ideas my Southern California brain has come up with (so don't laugh if I'm really far off!):

Patio at the Harp for brats, beer, etc. Would they let us have the patio or part of it? I'm not a big fan of their brats, but the view is great, it's fun, it's very Milwaukee & the price would certainly be right.

Private room at Mima's - this was my first idea & I guess they could keep the cost down if menu/wines were pre-set. Also thought of Mader's, but worried about cost & fun factor. Neither obviously have a view, but both areas (Brady & 3rd Street) are fun, so in the running.

I know Roots has a terrace & a view, but I've never been there. Is it the sort of thing we could do apps & drinks for a reasonable cost?

Patio at Trocodero (although the view leaves a bit to be desired...) perhaps. Or, is that wine bar still on Brady/name please?

Open to any & all suggestions - as you can see we're all over the place with ideas, so don't hold back - if you think it would be fun, very Milwaukee & reasonable, please advise! I'm hoping Thursday night will be in our favor & if restaurants/bars there now are like anything in SoCal, even the most upscale are really reducing prices to get the bodies in, so perhaps there's something you locals will know about...


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  1. The Hinterland's back lounge can be reserved for private parties.They are located in the Third Ward. It is a Gastro Pub. They have a main dining room and the back lounge. The back lounge has a tapas as well as lounge type items.The whole place has a positive upbeat vibe. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They will work with you on the menu and pricing.
    The wine bar off of Brady is called Balzac.
    The Milwaukee Ale house has a lower level on the river that I think can be reserved for parties.

    Hinterland Erie Street Gastropub
    222 E Erie Street, Suite 100, Milwaukee, WI 53202

    1716 N Arlington Pl, Milwaukee, WI 53202

    Milwaukee Ale House
    233 N Water St Stop 1, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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      Thanks so much, Living4fun! Will have them check these places out when they're back there - the Ale House really sounds like a great idea as on the river... I vaguely remember the Palms restaurant/bar on Broadway having an upstairs room - do you know anything about that?

      1. re: torta basilica

        They do have an upstairs bar area. It is fairly large. I have been to private parties there.

        Riptide also has seating along the river. It is further south in the Third Ward. The Marcus amphitheatre is east of Riptide.

        The Edelwiess used to be dinner boats that could be rented out for cocktail parties and rehearsal diners. They traveled along the MIlwaukee river downtown.They were docked at the end of Old World Third Street when Wiessgerbers was there . The Weissbergers ran the boats. Even thought the Weissberger's restaurant is no longer there I seem to recall that the baots are still being operated, by whom I don't know.

        Riptide Seafood
        649 Erie Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202

        1. re: Living4fun

          That would be so much fun! I've often seen those boats going by & everyone seems very festive - what a great idea. Thanks!!

          Will also checkout Riptide.