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May 21, 2009 03:04 PM

Anniversary Dinner in Napa

We are going to be in Napa Friday 5/29 and have one night. We have a 3 1/2 year old in tow. Presently have a res. at Ubuntu but I am wavering now after reading some of the reviews here. Maybe not the best for a kid, or a hungry papa and mama.

We are open as far as meat/veg.etc and want to keep under $200 for the 3 of us. Anybody have any thoughts on the Grill at Meadowood?

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  1. I can't comment on the current state of the food (although the resumes are excellent), but when I had dinner at the Grill at Meadowood it struck me how family-friendly it was. Because of the wine-focus, most of the fine dining in the Napa Valley is oriented towards adults, but because Meadowood is a full-service resort, they have more families -- I saw several multi-generation groups with small children at the grill.

    1. Can't comment on Meadowood (haven't been) but Ubuntu will satisfy any hungry person, IMO, regardless of whether they are vegetarian. When I dined there a few weeks ago we were seated next to a mother and her child. He was older than yours, but still a kid, and he was clearly having a great time: treated very well by the wait staff, and obviously loved the pizza and dessert. There is plenty on the menu that will appeal to a child, and it is lively and casual enough that a toddler's presence shouldn't bother anyone.

      FWIW, my dinner there was one of the better mid to upper range meals I've had in a restaurant this year. I liked it the first time I went, but this time I loved it. I'd go back in a heartbeat next time I was in the area (and hubby, the famous restaurant hater, would gladly join me too: granted, he has more vegetarian tendencies than I do, but he also loved it.

      Ubuntu Restaurant & Yoga Studio
      1140 Main Street, Napa, CA 94558

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        I think your family would enjoy the Royal Oaks Grill at Siverado Resort. We stay there and enjoy the fine dining. Don't eat at the Grill that one is separate.

        It's also a good family atmosphere feel.

        You will spend less than $200.

      2. Ubuntu is extremely child-friendly. They even have coloring books for younger kids. I've seen lots of young children there. There is an outdoor patio in the back also if you think your child needs room to move around. There is a special childs menu and I've seen them make some dishes specially geared to the taste of a specific kid.

        1. do you mean the city of napa or the county?