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May 21, 2009 02:54 PM

Italian grocery store/deli in KC

From NYC and living in KC for the next few months. Looking for a Italian grocery store/deli to buy quality crushed tomatoes, imported pasta, oilve oils, you know what I'm looking for.....the low key neighborhood establishment that sells the goods: imported pastas, pasteries, makes their own sausage, mozz, etc.....Also looking for a good sangwich: fresh mozz, with sundried tomatoes, and balsamic...none of this "chain" stuff.

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  1. There's one in the River Market (just north of downtown). Called Carollo's Italian Grocery. I don't know if they make their own sausage & cheese. I think there is a restaurant/market in Brookside, too, but don't know the name.

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      I appreciate the info and will check this out. If you think of the name of that grovery store in Brookside, please let me know. I need some good sausage and rice balls.

      1. Where in town are you? Bella Napoli in Brookside is great. Brookside Blvd between 62nd and 63rd. No pastries that I know of and they don't make their own sausage. But the deli is great as is the selection of pastas, tomatoes, etc. Little restaurant attached has great pizzas and pastas. Coffee shop attached to the other side is excellent, too.

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          Where I'm staying does not matter. If there is good Italian food or a good italian deli I'm there. I apprecaite the info on Bella and looked at their site, it appears to be pretty high brow. I'm used to low key neighborhood stores. Does Bella sell rice balls?

          My needs are simple: good cheese, good pasta, good crushed tomatoes, good bread.

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            I don't think KC really has what you're looking for, unfortunately. Bella Napoli does not feel high-brow at all, but it is expensive. All the stuff you're looking for is tough to get cheap here. I don't really care for Carollo ( You should probably check out La Rocca, which is a wholesaler that sells to the public at about 5th and Charlotte. Decent prices and selection in an old school Italian neighborhood. Cellar Rat wine store in the Crossroads makes their own mozzarella. For good bread, Farm to Market's not bad, Fervere is excellent and very expensive, I think there's one Italian baker who sells around town, but I've not been really impressed with the bread.

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              no i don't believe they have rice balls. just go check it out - it's not high brow but pricey though having lived on the upper west side in NY it's not too bad.

          2. I don't think KC has what you are looking for. I am sorry to tell you that. My husband lived in Chicago for 10 months and still works there so about once a year I go up there and I but a ton of pasta, and 2 or 3 cases of crushed tomatos.

            The place at the KC Farmer's Market is good to find some things, but it is small and does not have a lot. But they have a meat counter, although I don't know that they make sausage but they do sell prochutto, some pasta, balsamic, olive oil and other things. Definatly worth checking out.

            I am not sure of any sausage places here, however Whole Foods in Overland Park does make their own sausages. This is the best italian sausage we have found here
            You can buy it at almost all the local grocery stores. They also make meatballs that are really good. There is an italian restaurant that I can not think of the name but they do sell a few desserts, I LOVE canoli's but theirs are not good. the other desserts I have had from there were very good though.

            We do have some good restaurants here if you get a chance to check them out. Lydia's is great especially for Sunday Brunch. We love to go for the pasta tasting trio.

            If you want cheaper but pretty good, Cinzetti's out in Overland Park is a buffet place with pretty good desserts, cesar salad and other things. And then alot of people here swear by Garrozzo's..i am not a huge fan, but it is okay. I know restaurants were not what you asked for, but it might make your stay here a little more bearable if you can at least have some decent food.

            I am gonna follow your journey though to see if you find out more.

            1. other places to check out - cupini's on westport road - make their own pasta and mozerella, marco polo's italian market near jasper's at 103rd and state line on the missouri side. you say tomato on holmes has a small market w/ hard to find items. i really like bella napoli, too.

              for meat - check out fritz's on state line just past 103rd and state line on the ks side and mcgonigle's market at 79th and ward pkwy.

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                Cuipini's...that is the place I was thinking about. Did not like their Canoli's but their other desserts have been good so far. Pasta is not bad, the time we went it was a little overcooked but their pizza is good. And the one in lee's Summit sells sauces and pasta frozen as well as some salads and a few meats so that might be something at all of them. Google them and you will find they have 3 or 4 locations in the metro so you might find one close to you.