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May 21, 2009 02:10 PM

Spot with good atmosphere to take friend from Europe

I admit I haven't been out in the evening in DC in quite a while and a friend is arriving soon from Europe. I want to take her to a place with a cool vibe, good food and excellent drinks. I was thinking about Adams Morgan as a neighborhood or Logan Circle. Any thoughts? My friend has taken me to wonderful places when I have visited her in Europe and I would like to return the favor and impress her!

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  1. How about U Street instead? Maybe take her to Marvin or Creme and then get drinks at Cork, St. Ex, or other places nearby.

    1. Sei--in Penn Quarter (excellent drink)

      1. isabella — what kind of cool vibe are you looking for? unique and quirky? sleek and trendy?

        crucify me if you must, fellow chowers, but I think The Diner in adams morgan has a unique thing going on and that they serve up pretty good food (i've never had a bad meal there.) But it's more of a late-night bite thing than a main dinner.

        sei would be a good call. proof would be my first choice.

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          I think sleek and trendy fits the bill here. I took her the last time she was in town to Leopold's in Georgetown and she loved it. She is from Germany and she felt right at home there. I'm not sure the Diner fits the bill, but Proof and Sei are definite possibilities!

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            I would also add PS7 or Zola to the list if it's sleek and trendy that you are looking for.

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              What about Oyamel? They definitely don't have that kind of food in Germany.

              1. re: ChewFun

                I really want to give Oyamel a try when we visit in December.

                1. re: Morganna

                  My husband and I ate there recently. Fantastic meal. I ate two ceviche: the tuna and the red snapper. I also ordered the hearts of palm salad. My husband ate the shrimp and crab ceviche, the meat balls and the chicken poblano mole.

                  We hadn't been in a long time -- since Oyamel moved out of Crystal City -- and we had frankly forgotten how delicious the food is. We're definitely not going to let so much time lapse before our next meal.

              2. re: isabellaflynn

                zola or proof would be your best bets.

            2. Why not consider the Penn Quarter neighborhood? PS 7 definitely fits your requirements.

              Also, it might help to know what places your friend takes you to when you visit her.

              1. I would consider eating outside at CoCo Sala, which serves cacao inspired foods. The inside is too loud for me. All they do is throw out a few tables on the sidewalk, but it is great for people watching. Food is trendsetting and excellent. Very limited menu that consists of all small plates: salads, variations of macaroni n' cheese, and sliders (beef, lamb, swordfish, etc). Best dessert choice is probably a 10 or 12 piece chocolate tasting (to share, right?).

                I would definitely avoid Adams Morgan or Logan Circle for a European, unless you take them to the Vegas Lounge for R & B.