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May 21, 2009 02:09 PM

Rabbit - DFW

I have had some really tasty rabbit lately. I would like to try to cook it, but haven't a clue where to go buy it. Any thoughts ? THANKS.

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  1. I saw some rabbit for sale at the Super H Mart in Carrollton last week.

    1. In Irving at shopping mall corner of Beltline and Rochelle. The Asian market carries whole dressed rabbit very inexpensive and very good.

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        TNL Supermarket is at Beltline and Rochelle

      2. Super Carnival in Oak Cliff and the Central Markets have it. Their prices are not the same.

        1. I know for a certaqin fact Super H Marthas this, and please... enjoy.

          1. Kuby's in Snyder Plaza.