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where's the best Mexican food in the Bay Area

michaelsantoku May 21, 2009 01:20 PM

Looking for good authenic food made from fresh ingredients with perhaps some surprises in the offerings

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  1. wolfe RE: michaelsantoku May 21, 2009 02:59 PM

    Go north young man .
    Here is a link to 2 Mexican mavens Eat_Nopal and Kare Raisu.
    Hopefully you will find Eat_Nopal's line about La Mexteca's pork rib dish or
    someone else will point it out.

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    1. re: wolfe
      wolfe RE: wolfe May 21, 2009 07:25 PM

      I found it.

    2. BernalKC RE: michaelsantoku May 21, 2009 03:01 PM

      Can you be more specific? 'Mexican' covers a lot of genres -- its akin to asking for good American food.

      The fresh ingredients hint does suggest Nopalito. Check out this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/593713

      1. Shane Greenwood RE: michaelsantoku May 21, 2009 04:22 PM

        BernalKC is so right. What type of Mexican are you looking for? For Northern tacqueria style food, go to Redwood City and check out Middlefield Rd. For Yucatecan, try Poc Chuc on 16th St. in SF. For more upscale, cosmopolitan try Mexico DF in SF. The freshest food I've had was at Dona Tomas in Oakland.

        Help us understand what regional style you want so we can drill down the recos.

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