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Jade Garden Metuchen NJ

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Passed by...
Megumi is gone, they had a few good dishes.

Jade Garden Chinese and Japanese is in. If anyone gives this a try let us know.


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  1. Ate here at some point in the not so distant past.
    They spoke very little english and the restaurant was very warm, should have left immediately but I stayed and tried the food.
    Salmon Sushi - OK
    HULK roll - Spicy crunchy yellowtail with scallion inside surrounded by avocado and green tobiko with a wasabi sauce - OK (Definitely Unique and Creative wish it tasted better)

    They do have a full Chinese menu as well that may be worth checking out in the future.

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    1. re: shabbystorm

      Should qualify a bit more, was in a rush when I wrote above.
      The rice they used did not seem like sushi rice, and it was crunchy.

      No web site.
      In addition to Japanese the menu states they specialize in Szechwan - Hunan - Mandarin and Cantonese chinese dishes?!?