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May 21, 2009 01:17 PM

Visiting for July4th weekend

hey all - i'll be visiting a fellow foodie from the bay area over the holiday weekend and would love to have a splurge meal somewhere that combines gourmet and chic/hip. a place that emphasizes responsible/humane ingredients would be the epitome of a night out for me! otherwise, maybe something in an area with other fun/chic bars or gathering spots would be great as we'll probably be playing it safe and cabbing it. Thanks!

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  1. neighborhood? price range/budget? ("splurge" means different things to different people.)


      meets many of the reqs - hip, central, fun, splurge, foodie (but in some ways not humane).

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Perhaps Rustic Canyon would fit the bill ....

          It's not a big splurge, not in the way Providence might be, but I like the menu and the well chosen ingredients, and there is nothing wrong with deserts from the talents at Huckleberry!
          The downside is that there isn't much else within walking distance.

          A short cab ride away (10 blocks), however, is Bar Pinxto which is a fun/hip place to get some nice tapas and a glass of wine - either as a complete dinner or as appetizers before you head to something else.

          Anisette is walking distance from there, for example, and there are a lot of other options near the Promenade.

          Or you can take Abbott Kinney as your focus and do the rounds there ...

          Of course, there is splurge and then there is splurge: an expensive sushi could easily cost three times the tab at RC or Pinxto. You'd have to tell us if you are willing to go "there" before the recommendations get more specific.